Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 1 Chapter 18:1-15

Book 1: Chapter 18

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 1: Chapter 18: Verses 1-15
The youthful sage Srngi utters an imprecation against king Pariksit

Suta continued : Though scorched in the mother's womb by the missile discharged by Aswatthama (the son of Drona), king Pariksit did not die (was saved from extinction) by the grace of Lord Sri Krsna of marvellous deeds. Having given his mind and heart to the Lord, he did not feel embarrassed even when faced with the terrible fear of meeting his death at the hands of the serpent Taksaka, spurred on by the anger (curse) of a Brahmana boy. Shaking off attachment to everything, he accepted the discipleship of the sage Suka (the celebrated son of Vyasa) and, having realized the truth about Lord Sri Hari, cast off his body on the bank of the Ganga. No confusion arises, even at the hour of death, in the mind of those who talk of none else than Lord Sri Krsna of excellent renown, enjoy His nectar-like stories and contemplate on His lotus-feet. Kali as powerless on this earth,even though he had penetrated every part of it, so long as the great king Pariksit (son of Abhimanyu) continued to rule over the same as its undisputed sovereign. As a matter of fact, Kali, the progenitor of unrighteousness, had set his foot on the earth the very day, nay, the very moment the Lord quitted it. The emperor, however, who like the bee, drew the best out of everything, bore no grudge to Kali; for ( he knew that) in this age meritorious acts bear fruit immediately (as soon as they are projected) but not so the other (sinful) acts, which yield fruit only when they are actually committed. In fact, of what account is Kali, who is heroic in the midst of children (the ignorant) but is cowardly, before the wise (strong-minded), and who like the wolf is ever alert to take the unwary men by surprise. I have thus related to you (0 sages !) the sacred life-account of king Pariksit, connected as it is with the story of Lord Sri Krsna (son of Vasudeva); this was what you enquired of me. Lord Sri Krsna

performed many a deed which is a fit subject for discourse. Men seeking blessedness should, therefore, listen with rapt attention to all His stories that depict His virtues and narrate His exploits. The sages said : Good Suta, may you live for years without number-you who recount the untarnished glory of Lord Sri Krsna, which is like nectar to us mortals. To us, whose body has been soiled by the smoke arising from the sacrificial fires, even while we are engaged in this sacrificial performance, the fruit of which is uncertain, you give to drink to our heart's content the sweet and inebriating honey flowing from the lotus-feet of Lord Govinda (Sri Krsna) ! We cannot compare with a moment's fellowship of loving devotees of the Lord either heavenly bliss or even final beatitude (the cessation of birth and death) much less the enjoyments sought after by mortal men. What man of good taste would feel sated with hearing the story of the Lord, who is the only and final goal of the greatest saints ? Even masters of Yoga, headed by Lord Siva and the lotus-born Brahma, have not been able to exhaust the virtues of the Lord, who is beyond the Gunas of Prakrti. Therefore, O learned Suta, to whom, among us all, God is the foremost concern of life, tell us at length the noble and holy doings of Sri Hari (Lord Sri Krsna), who is the only and final resort of the greatest souls, eager as we are to hear of them.



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