Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 65:1-12

Book 10: Sixty-five Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 65: Verses 1-12

Baladeva triumphantly diverts the river Yamuna from its course

Sri Suka began again : The blessed Lord Balarama, 0 jewel among the Kurus ! who eagerly longed to see all friends and relations (in Vraja), drove (on one occasion from Dwaraka) in his chariot to Gokula, ruled over by Nanda. (On reaching there) He was embraced by the cowherds as well as by the cowherdesses (of Vraja), who had been long yearning (for His sight). Bowing to his (foster-) parents (mother Yasoda and Nanda), he was cheered with blessings and addressed as follows:- "O Bala (a scion of Dasarha), You are the Lord of the universe; may You with Your younger Brother (Sri Krsna) protect us long!" (Then) placing him on their lap and embracing him, they bathed him with tears (of joy) from their eyes. Bowing to the elderly among the Gopas with due ceremony, he was bowed to by the younger ones. He duly met (all) the Gopas according to their age, intimacy and relation to himself, cutting jokes with them, taking them by the hand and so on. When he had reposed himself and was comfortably seated, (all) the Gopas gathered round him.
They had renounced all their worldly pleasures as well as the enjoyments of heaven, nay, Moksa (itself) for the sake of Sri Krsna of lotus-like eyes. Inquired about their welfare, they made (similar) inquiries about the health of their kinsmen (the Yadus) in a voice choked with emotion (as follows:-) "Balarama, are all our kith and kin (at Dwaraka) well ? You are now married and are blessed with children, 0 Rama ! Do you remember us (now and then) ? By good luck the wicked Kamsa has been killed and our kinsmen luckily redeemed (from his tyranny). Happily (enough) you have (either) killed or vanquished your enemies and taken shelter in a fortified place (like Dwaraka)." The Gopis felt (greatly) honoured by the sight at close quarters of Balarama and (approaching him,) smilingly asked him, " Is Sri Krsna, the beloved of the ladies of Mathura, happy ? Does he (ever) remember his relations and friends, or (even) father and mother? Will he come here even once to see his mother ? Does Sri Krsna of long arms remember our constant devotion to him ? For his sake, 0 Lord, we forsook our mother and father, brothers, husband, children, sisters and (all other) relations, so hard to renounce, 0 scion of Dasarha ! Yet, 0 Powerful one, he left us, who were so beloved of him, in a moment, breaking asunder all ties of affection. (We could stop him if we would, but) how could women fail to put faith in his honeyed words ?"



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