Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 29:1-6

Book 10: Twenty-nine Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 29: Verses 1-6
A description of the (celebrated) Rasa Play (of the Lord)

Sri Suka began again : Finding those nights[1] adorned with full-blown jasmines (even) in autumn, the Lord too (who has all His desires fulfilled) made up His mind to play, falling back upon His Yogamaya (wonderful divine potency that supplies all the requisites for such play). Presently there appeared (on the horizon) the familiar moon (the king of the stars) painting the face of the Orient with a red hue by its most soothing rays-(even) as a lover appearing (returning home) after a long absence would daub the face of his beloved wife with saffron paste-and alleviating the sufferings of the people (caused by the hot sun during the daytime). Beholding the moon (lit., the friend of the lilies, so-called because a water-lily opens only under the rays of the moon) in full orb-which shone like the countenance of Goddess Laksmi and possessed a scarlet hue like that of fresh saffron-and the woodland (of Vrndavana) illumined with its soft rays, Sri Krsna struck a melodious note on His flute, that enraptured the mind of the fair-eyed Gopis.
Hearing that music, kindling love (in the bosom of the Gopis), the women of Vraja, whose mind had (already) been captivated by Sri Krsna, sallied forth from all sides (with the help of the note of the flute) to the spot where that beloved One was-so (hurriedly) that their endeavour (to reach the Lord) could not be perceived by one another-their ear-rings swinging due to their swift movement. Full of intense longing some, who were milking (their) cows, darted off leaving the milking-vessel (uncared for); (while) others left as soon as they had placed the milk on the oven (without waiting for its being boiled) and still others went out without removing the (dressed) porridge (from the hearth). Some, who were serving food (to their husbands and other relations) went away neglecting that duty; others, who were feeding their infants with milk gave up that work and ran. Still others, who were waiting upon their husbands, turned their back on them and departed; while some (more), who were dining, bolted away leaving their meal.



  1. The above verse should be read with verse 29 of discourse XXII, in which the Lord promised to sport with the damsels of Vraja. who worshipped Goddess Katyayani during the previous winter in order to secure His grace.

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