Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 71:1-13

Book 10: Seventy-one (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 71: Verses 1-13

Sri Krsna goes to Indraprastha

Sri Suka began again : (Pariksit !) hearing these words (of the Lord), Uddhava who was possessed of great wisdom, considered the statement of the celestial sage Narada and the opinion of the councillors as well as of Sri Krsna (Himself), and spoke thus. Uddhava submitted : Lord, as recommended by the Devarsi, You should (certainly) help Your cousin, who intends to perform the Rajasuya sacrifice, and should also protect those who seek Your protection. A Rajasuya sacrifice (however) is capable of being performed, 0 almighty Lord ! only by one who has conquered all the quarters. I am therefore driven to the conclusion that both these objects, can be gained by the overthrow of Jarasandha. Indeed great will be our advantage, 0 Protector of cows, if we simply succeed in accomplishing this; and Your restoring the imprisoned kings to freedom will bring glory to You. Possessing (as he does) the strength of ten thousand elephants, king Jarasandha is as a matter of fact not very easy to resist even for giants other than Bhima, who is his equal in strength. He should, however, be vanquished in a duel and not otherwise; for he has an army consisting of a hundred Aksauhinis.
He is a devotee of the Brahmanas and never spurns the request of Brahmanas. (Therefore) let Bhima approach him in the guise of a Brahmana and ask of him the boon of a single combat. In Your presence he will no doubt succeed in killing him in a duel. Lord, You are the almighty, formless Time. The creation and destruction of the universe take place through Your power. Brahma and Sankara are mere instruments (in carrying out the design). (After the destruction of Jarasandha) the consorts of the kings (imprisoned by him) would sing in their (respective) homes of Your glorious act of destroying their common enemy and bringing about the release of their (respective) husbands (who are dear to them as their own selves), even as the cowherdesses (of Vraja) sing of Your having delivered them (from the clutches of the demon Sankhacuda), the sages who have taken refuge in You celebrate the rescue of the king of elephants and of Sita (the Daughter of king Janaka), and we sing of Your having released Your parents (from Kamsa's captivity). Thus, 0 Krsna, the destruction of Jarasandha will serve many a great purpose. As the merits of the imprisoned kings and the sins of Jarasandha are going to bear fruit thereby, the performance of the Rajasuya sacrifice is in a large measure liked by You also. Sri Suka went on Pariksit, the aforesaid counsel of Uddhava was faultless and good in every respect. The Devarsi, the elderly Yadavas and Sri Krsna too approved Now, with the approval of elders (Vasudeva and others) the almighty Lord Sri Krsna (Son of Devaki) ordered His servants-Daruka, Jaitra and others-to prepare for The journey. With the permission of Ugrasena and Balarama, 0 destroyer of foes, the Lord sent His consorts and sons with the retinue and luggage (in advance) and mounted His own chariot brought by Daruka and distinguished by its banner bearing the device of Garuda.



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