Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 79:1-16

Book 10: Seventy-nine (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 79: Verses 1-16

An account of Balarama's Pilgrimage

Sri Suka began again : Pariksit, on the next full-moon day a violent storm broke over the place, covering all with dust and bringing the foul odour of pus from all sides. Next, there was a shower of urine and faeces on the sacrificial ground, caused by Balwala, who himself afterwards appeared with a trident in his hand. Possessed of a dark gigantic body, he looked like a heap of soot. His hair, moustaches and beard had the colour of red-hot copper and his face with protruding teeth and (contracted) eyebrows looked most terrible. Seeing the demon, Balarama thought of His celebrated pestle, which shatters the columns of the enemy's army, and His well-known plough, which subdues the demons; and both these weapons instantaneously presented themselves before Him. With the end of His plough Balarama drew down Balwala coursing in the air, and full of rage struck that (sworn) enemy of the Brahmanas on the head with His pestle. With his forehead split open the demon, bleeding profusely, fell on the ground, uttering a helpless cry, and looked like a mountain peak struck down with lightning and ejecting red streams (of molten character). The blessed sages (of Naimisaranya) applauded Balarama (for this action), pronounced their unfailing benedictions on Him and sprinkled (holy) waters over His head even as the gods sprinkled water over their ruler Indra on his having killed the demon Vrtra.
(Then) they presented Balarama with a pair of excellent pieces of cloth and ornaments and a beautiful Vaijayanti garland of never-fading lotuses. Now, with the permission of the sages of Naimisaranya, Balarama together with His Brahmana companions went to the Kausiki river, and after bathing in that river went to the lake from which the Sarayu emanates. Following the downward course of the Sarayu, He thence came to Prayaga. After taking His bath there and propitiating the gods, Rsis and manes by offering water to them, He went to the hermitage of the sage Pulaha. (Then) he bathed in the Gomati, Gandaki, Vipasa and Sona rivers and, visiting Gaya, worshipped the manes (according to the instructions of His father Sri Vasudeva). From Gaya He went to the mouth of the Ganga where He took a bath (and performed other religious rites). (Then) He went to the Mahendra Hill, where He saw and paid His respects to the sage Parasurama. Having bathed in the seven branches of the Godavari and in the Vena andBhimarathi rivers as well as in the Pampa lake, He paid a visit to the shrine of Lord Kartikeya and (thence) proceeded to Srisaila, the abode of Lord Siva (known by the name of Mallikarjuna). From Srisaila He went to see the most holy mountain-peak of Venkata in the Dravida territory. (Then) passing through Siva-Kanci and Visnu-Kanci and after taking a bath in the holy Kaveri, He reached the most sacred site of Sriranga where Bhagavan Visnu (eternally) dwells. From there He went to visit the Rsabha Hill, sacred to Lord Visnu, and the southern Mathura and thence proceeded to the dam across the sea at Rameswara, visitors to which are purged (even) of their greatest sins.There Balarama gifted ten thousand cows to the Brahmanas. (Then) after taking a bath in the Krtamala and Tamraparni rivers, He went to the Malaya mountain. It is one of the seven principal ranges of mountains of Bharatavarsa.



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