Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 4 Chapter 5:1-10

Book 4: Chapter 5

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 4: Chapter 5: Verses 1-10
Virabhadra wrecks Daksa's sacrifice and beheads him

Maitreya continued :,Lord Siva's fury knew no bounds when He learnt from Narada that Sati (His spouse) had burnt herself to death on being slighted by Daksa (a lord of created beings) and that the host of His own attendants had been driven away by the Rbhus, who had appeared from Daksa's sacrifice. Sharply biting His lips in rage, Lord Siva (who bore a heavy burden of matted locks on His head) pulled up one of those clotted locks, which shone brightly like a flash of lightning or as a flame of fire and, springing on His feet all at once, laughed with a deep roar and dashed the lock against the ground. From that lock sprang a colossal being (Virabhadra by name) whose (tall) figure touched the skies, who was possessed of a thousand arms and, dark like a cloud, had three eyes bright as the sun, fierce teeth and matted hair shining like flaming fire, wore a garland of skulls and was armed with various uplifted weapons. When he prayed with joined palms, "(Command me) what to do!" Lord Siva (the lord of the spirits) said, "You being My part manifestations, O valiant Rudra, lead My warriors (against Daksa) and dispose of Daksa and his sacrifice." Enjoined thus by the wrathful Rudra (who is anger personified), he went round (as a mark of respect) the all-pervading Lord, the adored of (all ) the gods (and departed). At that time he thought himself, by virtue of his irresistible force, as capable of braving the might of the most powerful, O dear Vidura. He thundered most terribly and, lifting his trident, which was capable of destroying even Death (the destroyer of the universe), ran (towards Daksa's abode), followed by the attendants of Sri Rudra-who were (all) roaring violently-the anklets about his ankles making a jingling sound (even as he trod on the earth). Seeing dust in the northern quarter, the priests officiating at the sacrifice, the sacrificer (Daksa), those assembled there and all the (other) Brahmanas and their wives thought on the other side:"What can this darkness be? Whence has this dust come? Winds are not blowing and there are certainly no robbers; for (king) Pracinabarhi, who rules with an iron rod is (still) alive. Nor is it the time for cows being hurriedly taken back (from the pastures). Whence is this (cloud of) dust (then)? Is the world preparing for its doom (just) now ?" Troubled in mind, Prasuti (Daksa's wife) and the other ladies observed, "This is nothing but the (evil) consequence of the wrong perpetrated by Daksa (the lord of created beings), who before the very eyes of his (other) daughters slighted his innocent daughter, Sati ! (Or it may be the fruit of the offence committed against Sri Rudra, the god of destruction) who dances at the time of (universal) destruction, throwing about the tuft of His matted hair and extending His banner-like arms equipped with uplifted weapons, when the lords of elephants presiding over the quarters are pierced by the prongs of His trident and the quarters rent with His thunder-like peals of laughter.



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