Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 27:1-10

Book 10: Twenty-seven Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 27: Verses 1-10
Indra extols Sri Krsna

Sri Suka began again : When Govardhana was held up and Vraja was protected (thereby) from torrential rain, Surabhi (the celestial cow of plenty) sought Sri Krsna from Goloka (the home of cows in heaven) and so did Indra from paradise. Full of shame for his having shown disrespect (to the Lord), he approached the latter in a secluded place and touched His feet with his diadem possessing the splendour of the sun. Indra-who had not only heard but (actually) witnessed the glory of the aforesaid Sri Krsna of unlimited energy, and whose pride as the ruler of (all) the three worlds had been crushed-spoke with joined palms (as follows). Indra prayed.: Your essential character, consisting as it does of pure Sattva, is uniform, full of wisdom and untouched by Rajas and Tamas. This phenomenal universe, which is a product of Maya, finds no place in You, persisting as it does through ignorance (alone). How, then, could greed etc.-which are responsible for rebirth and are born of identification with the body, constituting as they do the distinguishing marks of the ignorant- exist in You? Yet You wield the rod of punishment for the maintenance of righteousness and for the punishment of the wicked.
You are the father, the preceptor and the supreme ruler of (all) the worlds; You are the Time-Spirit that cannot be easily set at naught and that holds the sceptre of sway (over the universe). It is for the good of the world that You carry on Your sport in embodied forms assumed at will, curbing the pride of those who fancy themselves to be the rulers of the world. Fools like me, who regard themselves as rulers of the universe, speedily shake off that pride on seeing You undaunted even in times of danger and, rid of their haughtiness, take the path of Devotion trodden by the righteous. (In fact) Your very activity serves as a punishment for the wicked. Such that You are, be pleased, 0 almighty Lord, to forgive me-who, immersed as I am in the pride of wealth and power and ignorant of Your greatness, have sinned against You-and to ordain that my mind may not be so evilly disposed again hereafter, deluded as my intellect is. Your descent on this earth, 0 Lord who are above sense-perception, is conducive to the extermination of leaders of (great) armies-who are not only a burden to the earth themselves but who bring into existence many such scourges-and to the welfare of those devoted to Your feet. Hail, hail to You, the almighty and infinite Lord, the Inner Controller of all, Sri Krsna, Son of Vasudeva, the Protector of the Yadavas.



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