Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 4 Chapter 15:1-14

Book 4: Chapter 15

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 4: Chapter 15: Verses 1-14
Descent and coronation of king Prthu

Maitreya continued : Then again the (powerful) sages treated with rubbing the arms of that (lifeless) king, who had no issue, and out of the electrifying friction there sprang a couple (a male and a female person in perfect harmony of sex relation). They farseeing sages, who were enlightened with Vedic knowledge and were masters of divine doctrines, beheld the couple born and comprehended that the two were part manifestations of the Supreme Person divine, who is omnipotent and omniscient and possesses all prosperity and glory. They became exceedingly happy to see the conjugate Persons and said : The sages said : "This male person is a part manifestation of that aspect of the ail-pervading, all-knowing and all-powerful Lord divine, which protects the world. And this female person is a ray of the Goddess of Beauty, Bliss and Prosperity and hence never gets disunited from the Supreme Person. Of this couple, the male person will be the first of kings on earth, a mighty king to glorify the name and fame of every king in future, whose name will be Prthu as the splendour of his name will shine far and wide. This other is a shining queen; her name is Arci, an embodied process of radiation; her finely set teeth are an indication of her firmly formed faithful character; her ornaments are emblems of her golden and gem-like virtues; her feelings and thoughts are all ennobling as hers is an ascending spirit. It seems as if she would outshine her husband. Thus an inalienable power and part of the Supreme Lord divine called itself into being in space and time on earth to save the inhabitants, the human beings, from sins and sufferings. This other, the queen devoted to him, the goddess of inexhaustible wealth and prosperity, also came into the world as inseparable from Him." Maitreya went on : The Brahmanas extolled Prthu, while the demigods known as Gandharvas were singing songs, the chief of them; the Siddhas were releasing showers of (Elysian) flowers, the heavenly damsels were dancing (all for joy at the advent of Prthu). The sounds of conchs, trumpets, timbrels and drums spread vibrating in Heaven, as all celestial sages and orders of divine Fathers came down to the place (to pay their respects to the king where he stood). Brahma, the adorable lord of the world, himself came at the head of the greatest of the gods, noticed some sign of the divine wielder of the mighty mace in the right hand of Prthu and lotus-marks on the soles of his feet and recognized him to be a part personality of Sri Hari (the supreme Lord). He also noticed that Prthu bore on his palm the sacred sign of a disc unbroken by an alien line, indicating an unconquerable sphere of power, and knew him to be a ray of the Lord of lords. The Brahmana priests, who had their religious culture founded on the rites and ceremonies dealt with in the Vedas, undertook to perform the holy ceremony of Prthu's installation. People brought from all sides (multifarious) things necessary for the coronation. (Then) came with presents and offerings the deities presiding over rivers, seas and mountains, the sky and the earth, as well as serpents, birds, stags and cows. When he was bathed with holy waters for installation as a King of kings, arrayed in royal raiments and richly adorned with bright ornaments and stood with Arci, his queen-consort, equally adorned, he shone like a rival of fire itself. The god of wealth, O valiant Vidura, gave him a splendid throne of gold as a present. Varuna (the divinity of the seas) brought to him (the brilliant present of) a (wonderful) umbrella dripping with water and radiating beams like the moon.



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