Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 75:1-16

Book 10: Seventy-five (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 75: Verses 1-16

Duryodhana's Humiliation

The king (Pariksit) submitted : Holy sage you told me just now that all the kings, sages and gods who had assembled there rejoiced at the grand success of the Rajasuya sacrifice performed by Yudhisthira and that Duryodhana was the only exception in this matter. 0 worshipful one, please tell me the reason of this. Sri Suka replied : Pariksit, your grandfather, Yudhisthira, was a great soul. Bound to him with ties of affection all his relations took upon themselves some form of service or other during the sacrifice. Bhima was placed in charge of the kitchen, Duryodhana was master of the treasury, Sahadeva was entrusted with the duty of honouring the guests; while Nakula had the charge of procuring supplies. Arjuna waited upon the elders, and Sri Krsna took upon Himself the duty of washing the feet of the guests. Draupadi attended to the work of serving food, while the magnanimous Kama was entrusted with the duty of bestowing gifts. Similarly Satyaki, Vikarna, Hardikya, Vidura, Bhurisrava and the other sons of Bahlika, Santardana and others were entrusted with one duty or other. All of them endeavoured to perform their respective duties to the satisfaction of Yudhisthira. Pariksit ! after the priests and supervisors of the sacrifice, men of learning, friends and relations had been duly honoured with sweet words, rich presents and sacrificial fees and Sisupala had entered the feet of the Lord, Yudhisthira went to the Ganga to perform the concluding ablutions. While the ceremony was being so performed, various instruments of music like the Mrdanga, conch, drum, kettledrum, tabor and trumpet were played upon.
The courtesans danced in great joy, the songsters sang in batches. The sound of the Vina, flute and cymbals reached the heavens. Adorned with necklaces of gold, the Yadava, Srnjaya, Kamboja, Kuru, Kekaya and Koala kings, with flags of various colours waving in the air, followed Yudhisthira to the Ganga shaking the earth with their armies consisting of fully accoutred foot-soldiers, elephants, chariots and horses. Supervisors of the sacrifice, priests and learned Brahmanas proceeded chanting the Vedic hymns in loud intonations. The gods, Rsis, manes and Gandharvas showered flowers on the procession from the heavens and sang Yudhisthira's praises. Men and women of the city adorned with scents, garlands, beautiful clothes and ornaments (came out on the public roads and) sported on, smearing and sprinkling one another with liquids of various kinds. The courtesans smeared the men with oil, milk, butter, scented water, turmeric powder, saffron paste, and were themselves smeared over by men in return. It was thus that they amused themselves. Just as celestial ladies thronged in the sky in their beautiful aerial cars (to see this festivity on earth), (even) so the ladies of the royal House of Indraprastha, curious to have a look at the grand procession, came out (in beautiful palanquins and other vehicles) guarded by foot-soldiers Bhagavan Sri Krsna, together with His companion's, sprinkled water (of various colours on them), which made their faces, bloom in bashful smiles, thus heightening their beauty.



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