Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 3 Chapter 1:1-13

Book 3: Chapter 1

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 3: Chapter 1: Verses 1-13
Meeting of Uddhava and Vidura

Sri Suka said : It was this very question that Vidura asked the worshipful sage Maitreya in the past, when the former had retired to the forest quitting his prosperous home. It was at Vidura's residence that Lord Sri Krsna, the Ruler of the universe, who happened to visit Hastinapura as an ambassador of your forefathers (the Pandavas), called as if it were His own house, refusing the hospitality of the Paurava king (Duryodhana). The king said : Where did Vidura's meeting with'the worshipful Maitreya take place and when did he have a talk with him ? Kindly tell me all this, my lord. (3) Surely the question which the pure-hearted Vidura asked of the noblest sage Maitreya could not have been of small consequence, particularly when it was honoured with a reply by a saint of no mean order. Suta continued : Questioned as above by king Pariksit and much delighted at heart over this, the all-wise Suka, the foremost of sages, said in reply : "Listen !" Sri Suka proceeded : You know how king Dhrtarastra, who was not only blind but had also lost his right judgment and supported his wicked sons through unrighteousness (in their unrighteous ways), had his younger brother's fatherless sons (Yudhisthira and others) lodged in a house of lac and the same set on fire. Nay, when in open court his second son (Duhsasana) dragged by the hair Dhrtarastra's own daughter-in-law and the spouse of king Yudhisthira (queen Draupadi), whose tears washed off the saffron painted on her bosom (she being covered by a single cloth), the king failed to stop that abominable act of his son_ The guileless king Yudhisthira, who was devoted to truth and regarded none as his enemy, was worsted in a gambling bout by unfair means (and sent in exile to the forest for a period of thirteen years); but when (on expiry of the term of exile) he returned from the forest, and asked back his share according to the terms of the agreement, Duryodhana refused to part with it, blinded as he was by infatuation. When Sri Krsna, the Preceptor of the universe, was sent by Yudhisthira to the Kaurava court, He spoke there words which were full of nectar to His devotees (Bhisma and others); but the king (Duryodhana) attached no importance to them, since all his stock of merits had been exhausted. Again, when, invited by his elder brother (Dhrtarastra), Vidura entered the latter's private chamber and was asked to give his advice, that crest-jewel of wise counsellors gave a piece of advice, which politicians still speak of (with reverence) as 'Viduraniti' (the Counsel of Vidura). Vidura said, "Return the share of Yudhisthira, who regards none as his enemy and who has been tolerating the wrongs done by you, even though they are hard to bear. He is followed by Bhima, whom you are terribly afraid of, and who with his younger brothers (Arjuna and others) is hissing in fury as a serpent. The cause of the Pandavas (the sons of Prtha) has been espoused by Lord Sri Krsna (the Bestower of Liberation) Himself, who is adored as a deity by Yadava chiefs, who is staying at present in His own capital (Dwaraka) having conquered big sovereigns, and who has all the Brahmanas and gods on His side. It is evil incarnate that has entered your house in the person of Duryodhana, whom you are fostering as a son and who is an enemy of the Supreme Person (Sri Krsna). That is why you too have turned your face against Sri Krsna and lost your splendour. Therefore, in the interest of your race, abandon this unlucky fellow at once."



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