Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 78:1-12

Book 10: Seventy-eight (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 78: Verses 1-12

Deliverance of Dantavaktra and Viduratha; Suta killed by

Sri Balarama during His Pilgrimage Sri Suka began again : Dantavaktra was a great friend of Sisupala, Salva and Paundraka, who had met their death at the hands of Bhagavan Sri Krsna. In order to avenge their death the fool appeared all alone to fight Sri Krsna. Full of, rage he (neither took an army nor a chariot with him and) came armed with nothing but a mace. But he was so powerful that the earth shook under his feet when he proceeded on foot to meet Sri Krsna in battle. Seeing him advance in that manner, Bhagavan Sri Krsna promptly took up His own mace and, leaping down from His chariot, intercepted Dantavaktra even as the shore checks the advancing sea. Raising his mace, Dantavaktra, the arrogant king of Karusa, said to Bhagavan Sri Krsna, " I am glad, I am, indeed, lucky, O Krsna, that you have appeared before my eyes today. Even though you are my cousin, you have killed my friends and seek my life, too. Therefore, 0 fool, I shall make short work of you with this mace which is as hard as the thunderbolt. Though a relation of mine, you are my enemy like a disease in one's body, Devoted as I am to my friends, I can discharge my debts to them only by putting an end to you." Pariksit, thus pricking Bhagavan Sri Krsna with unkind words even as a tamer pricks an elephant with his goad, Dantavaktra struck Sri Krsna on the head with his mace and roared like a lion. But Sri Krsna, the ornament of Yadu's race, remained quite unshaken by the shock, and with His own heavy mace known by the name of Kaumodaki struck in His turn a severe blow on Dantavaktra's chest, which split the latter's heart. Vomiting blood through the mouth, Dantavaktra fell down dead on the ground with dishevelled hair and outstretched arms and legs. Pariksit, just as it happened when SiSupala fell, a very subtle ray of light emanated from the body of Dantavaktra and entered that of Sri Krsna in an astonishing way before the eyes of all. Dantavaktra had a brother, Viduratha by name. Overwhelmed with grief at the death o his brother, he appeared, panting (with rage) on the spot with a sword and shield in his hands intent on killing Sri Krsna. Pariksit, as he rushed at Him, Sri Krsna with His sharp-edge( discus lopped of Viduratha's head armed with a crown and ear-rings.



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