Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 77:1-17

Book 10: Seventy-seven (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 77: Verses 1-17

Salva's Deliverance

Sri Suka began again : (Pariksit), Pradyumna now washed his hands and face, put on his armour, took up the bow and spoke to his charioteer thus, "Take me (once more) to the warrior, Dyuman." Dyuman was at that time playing havoc with the Yadava army. First checking his depredations Pradyumna smilingly assailed Dyuman with eight shafts. With four he struck his four horses, with one the charioteer, and with one shaft each he tore off Dyuman's bow and banner and with the remaining one he struck down Dyuman's head. Gada, Satyaki, Samba and others began to mow down the army of Salva. The inmates of the aerial car, Saubha, with their necks severed from their bodies, dropped one by one into the sea. Thus the Yadava army and the army of Salva began to strike one another, and a fierce hand-to-hand fight raged between them for twenty-seven-days and nights (without break). Having been invited by Yudhisthira, Bhagavan Sri Krsna was at that time staying at Indraprastha. Now that the Rajasuya sacrifice had been concluded and SiSupala had been killed, Sri Krsna took leave of the elderly Kurus and Rsis, Kunti and the Pandavas, and proceeded to Dwaraka. On His way He observed frightful omens. He therefore, said to Himself, "I came away hither with My revered brother, Sri Balarama; the kings in alliance with Sisupala must have surely availed themselves of the opportunity to attack Dwaraka.
" Reaching there, He found His people in a sad plight. Entrusting Balarama with the work of defending the city and, observing Salva and his aerial car, Saubha, He said to (His charioteer), Daruka, (as follows). "Take My chariot with great despatch to Salva, owner of the aerial car, Saubha. Take care that you do not get frightened; for he is a warrior skilled in the use of magic." Thus instructed, Daruka mounted the chariot and drove it to the battle-field. As soon as Sri Krsna entered the field of battle, warriors on both sides recognized Him from the emblem of Garuda borne on His banner. (Pariksit I) Salva's army had mostly been extirpated. Observing Sri Krsna on the battle-field, Salva discharged a terrible lance aimed at His charioteer. With a terrible noise it rushed through the air with great speed like a meteor illumining the quarters. Bhagavan Sri Krsna tore that lance into a hundred pieces with his arrows, hit Salva with sixteen shafts and pierced the aerial car Saubha, that was wheeling in the sky, with volleys of arrows, even as the sun fills the space with his rays. In the meantime Salva hit Sri Krsna in the left arm with an arrow.. The Sarnga bow which was being held by that arm fell from Sri Krsna's hand. It was a wonderful feat on the part of Salva. A loud outcry of wonder and fear rose from beings who watched the conflict (from the sky or from the ground). Salva now gave a loud roar and said to Sri Krsna:- " 0 deluded fool, you carried away before our very eyes the fiance of our friend and brother, Sisupala, and killed him in an assembly, when he was off his guard.



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