Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 45:1-14

Book 10: Forty-five Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 45: Verses 1-14
The Lord brings back His preceptor's son (from the abode of Death)

Sri Suka began again : Having come to know that His parents (Vasudeva and Devaki) had grasped the truth (about the divinity of the two Brothers) prematurely (before they had enjoyed the supreme bliss of loving Them as their own sons, which was sure to be marred by that knowledge), Sri Krsna (who was no other than the Supreme Person) spread His own Maya (enchantment)-which infatuates His own people-so that such knowledge might not endure. Approaching His father and mother in the company of His elder brother (Balarama) and bowing in humility, the Jewel of the Satvatas spoke respectfully (to them as follows), addressing them as "Mama and Papa" in order to delight them. "Though you have been all along full of longing for us, 0 father, the joys of witnessing the infancy, childhood and boyhood of your sons (in us) have never fallen to your lot. III-fated as we are, the privilege of living by your side could not be attained by us (so far) nor was that joy (ever) experienced by us, which children dwelling in their father's house and fondled by their parents do. Even (by serving them) through a life of (full) hundred years a mortal is not able to get square with his parents by whom is brought into being and nourished this body in which all (the four) objects (of human pursuit) can be realized. The servants of Yama actually make that son eat his own flesh on his departing from this world, who, though able-bodied, does not with his body and resources maintain them. He is dead (to all intents and purposes), though breathing, who, though capable, fails to support his mother, aged father, virtuous wife, infant son, preceptor, a Brahmana (depending on him) and one who has sought him for protection.
Therefore (all) these days have slipped in vain by us who have failed to serve you, helpless as we were, our mind being constantly afraid of Kamsa. Be pleased, 0 father and mother, to forgive that sin (of omission) on our part, who failed to render service to you, subject as you were (to the will of another) and sore oppressed by that evil- minded fellow (Kamsa)" Sri Suka continued : Deluded by the foregoing speech of Sri Hari, the Soul of the universe, though appearing as a human being through His Maya (enchanting potency), His parents experienced supreme felicity as they placed Him on their lap and folded Him in their arms. Bathing Him with streams of tears and bound with ties of affection the couple said nothing, 0 king, bewildered as they were, their throats choked with tears. Having thus comforted His parents Lord Sri Krsna (the Son of Devaki) presently made His maternal grand-uncle, Ugrasena, king of the Yadus and said, "Be pleased to command us (your servants) as well as the people (of Mathura), 0 great king !(As for myself) the Yadus ought not to sit on a royal throne because of the curse of Yayati. (Since, however, it is My desire to see you on the throne of Mathura no blame will attach to you). When I am waiting on you as a servant, (even) the gods and others will bear tribute to you, bent low (with submissiveness). What wonder, then, that other rulers of men should do so."



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