Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 14:1-6

Book 10: Fourteenth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 14: Verses 1-6
Brahma extols the Lord

Brahma prayed : I offer my praises, 0 praiseworthy Lord, to You, the Son of a cowherd, with tender feet, and clad in a costume bright as lightning, endowed with a personality dark as a (rainy) cloud, a face resplendent with ear-rings made of Gunja seeds and a crest of peacock feathers, and with a garland of sylvan flowers and graced with a morsel of food, a cane, a horn, a flute and other emblems (borne in Your hands). Even I, Brahma, cannot truly comprehend with a mind turned inward the glory, 0 Lord, even of this personality (of Yours, revealed before us)-the instrument of Your grace on me, shaped according to the will of Your devotees and certainly not a product of gross elements-much less directly of Yourself, consisting (as You do) of Truth, Bliss and Consciousness. 0 invincible Lord, You stand generally conquered in (all) the three worlds even by them who spend their time solely in venerating with their body, speech and mind Your stories spontaneously told by saints (visiting their house) and fallen on their ears (without any effort on their part), remaining at their own abode and totally giving up (all) effort at (attaining) spiritual enlightenment.
In the case (however) of those who, neglecting Devotion-the fountainhead of (all) blessings (in the shape of worldly prosperity and final beatitude)-to You, 0 almighty Lord, take pains to attain mere spiritual enlightenment, such enlightenment ultimately proves to be no more than a source of exertion alone, as is the case with those who are engaged in pounding the (mere) coarse husk. Of yore, 0 infinite Lord, many a striver adept in numerous Yogas or modes of spiritual discipline) in this world, who (having failed to attain their object by any other Yoga) resigned (all) their activity to You, realized their true nature through Devotion acquired by their own (dedicated) actions and developed by (hearing) Your stories, and forthwith attained Your supreme state, 0 immortal Lord! The glory, 0 Perfect One, of Your Being devoid of attributes can all the same be realized by the pure-hearted--who have turned their senses inward-through the direct perception of their mind, cast into the mould of the Self to the exclusion of (all other) specific moulds and free from objectivity; as a self-effulgent entity (incapable of being objectively perceived) and not otherwise.



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