Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 9 Chapter 19:1-15

Book 9: Chapter 19

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 9: Chapter 19: Verses 1-15
Yayati's Renunciation

Sri Suka resumed : Thus enjoying the pleasures of sense, Yayati, who had been enslaved by his wife, woke up to his spiritual fall and, disgusted with the world narrated the following (story in the form of a) parable to Devayani (his beloved wife). "Listen, 0 Devayani (a scion of the sage Bhrgu), the true story of one on this earth who had a conduct similar to mine and who was full of lust (lit., lived in a village), yet for whom (and others like him) the wise residing in the woods constantly grieve. Hunting for his beloved object in a forest all alone, a certain goat saw a she-goat fallen in a well, subject (as she was) to her own destiny. Intently thinking of a means of rescuing the she-goat, the passionate goat created an outlet (for her) by digging out the earth at the brim with the end of his horns. Coming out of the well, that beautiful she-goat, it is said, fell in love with that very goat. Observing him selected by her-stout, mature, most lovable, capable of procreation and expert in the art of copulation as he was-many more she-goats, who longed for a beloved companion, also conceived a passion for the goat. Enhancing the delight of those numerous she-goats, that king of goats revelled with them alone and ceased to think of himself, possessed as he was by the devil of concupiscence. Perceiving that very goat enjoying himself with another most beloved she-goat, the one that had fallen into the well and (consequently) got bewildered, could not brook that act of the goat. Deserting that lustful goat, who though disguised as a friend had played her false and whose love was (only) momentary, given as he was to the gratification of his senses, the she-goat returned full of agony to her owner. The goat too, a slave of his beloved she-goat, felt (very) wretched and followed her, uttering a bleat all the way in order to pacify her, but could not reconcile her. There (in her owner's house) a certain Brahmana, who was her owner, amputated, in anger, his dangling scrotum and rejoined it in the interest of the she-goat (herself), proficient as he was in (all) such expedients. With his scrotum restored, the goat too revelled for a long time indeed with the she-goat that had been found (by him) in the well, 0 dear on& But he does not feel satiated with sense-enjoyments till this day. Bound in the same way with the cords of your love and deluded by your charm, 0 pretty one, I fail to recognize my own self, wretched as I am. (All) the rice and barley, gold, animals and women that exist on earth-they cannot yield satisfaction to the mind of a man who is buffeted by lust. The craving for sense-gratification never ceases with the enjoyment of sense-objects. On the other hand it grows stronger and stronger like fire fed by ghee. When a man does not entertain the notion of diversity (in the form of likes and dislikes, which are undesirable,) with regard to any living being, then to such a man, looking upon all with the same eye, all the quarters turn blissful.



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