Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 7:1-12

Book 10: Seventh Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 7: Verses 1-12
Deliverance of the demon Trnavarta

The king (Pariksit) said : The exploits which the almighty Lord Sri Hari performs, through whatever descents it may be, are (so) charming to our ear and (so) appealing to our mind, 0 master ! If you think fit, (therefore, kindly) narrate in particular that story of Sri Hari by listening to which (the feeling of) ennui and the diverse cravings (responsible for such ennui) of (any) man (whatsoever) disappear, his mind gets purified before long, devotion to (the aforesaid) Sri Hari is generated and friendship established with His servants. (Pray,) further recount even other marvellous infantile sports of Lord Sri Krsna, who imitated (the ways of) the human race when he came down to the human (mortal) world. Sri Suka resumed : Once on the occasion of the ceremonial ablution (of the infant Sri Krsna) to commemorate His turning in the bed (which generally takes place at the end of three months), when the (same) constellation (Rohini) under which He was born happened to be at the ascendant, Yasoda (the good old mother of Sri Krsna) performed in the midst of the ladies assembled (at her residence) the rite of sprinkling her son with water, accompanied by the playing of musical instruments, songs and the chanting of sacred texts done by the Brahmanas.
When the ablution etc., of Sri Krsna had been finished and the ceremony of invoking blessings on Him performed by the Brahmanas that had (already) been duly honoured with gifts of cooked food and raw articles of food, raiment, garlands, boons sought by them and cows, and when drowsiness was fully manifested in His eyes, Nanda's wife gently put Him to sleep (on a cradle or a cot underneath a cart). Busy honouring the inhabitants of Vraja assembled (for the occasion) with a mind full of zeal over the festival commemorating Sri Krsna's turning in the bed, the noble-minded Yasoda did not at all hear the cry of her son, who, while actually crying for a suck, tossed up His feet (in an angry mood). Hit by the tiny feet, tender as a leaf, of the Babe, lying beneath, the cart turned[1] upside down with the result that the metal jars (placed on it and) containing various delicious substances (such as milk, curds and ghee) were crushed, its wheels and axle-tree inverted and its pole shattered. Perceiving it (in that topsyturvy condition), the women of Vraja-that had gathered (at Nanda's residence) for the festival commemorating the turning of Sri Krsna in the bed-headed by Yasoda, as well as Nanda and others, who were perplexed at that amazing sight, wondered how the cart had actually turned upside down by itself. Boys (who were playing there when the cart turned turtle) told the (wondering) cowherds and cowherdesses-whose mind was uncertain (as to who was really responsible for upturning the cart)-that the cart had been knocked down with His foot by Sri Krsna while crying (for His mother's breast): there was no doubt (about it). Those cowherds (however) did not believe it, taking it to be the (mere) talk of children and (therefore) doubting it; for they did not know the immeasurable strength of that Boy. Taking up her crying son, Yasoda, who was afraid of the presence of some evil spirit, gave Him suck (only) when the ceremony of invoking blessings on Him had been performed by Brahmanas with the help of Vedic hymns (destroying evil spirits). Having poured oblations into the sacred fire (in order to propitiate the deities presiding over the planets and so on), the Brahmanas worshipped the cart (which was the seat of their wealth in the shape of dairy products, and the abode of Laksmi) with curds, unbroken grains of rice, blades of the (sacred) Kusa grass and water, when it had been placed as before by mighty cowherds and provided (once more) with (all) its goods (whatever was kept on it).



  1. The great demon Hiranyaksa, who was slain by the Lord disguised as a boar (vide Discourses XVII to XIX of Book III), had a son, Utkaca by name.He was exceedingly powerful and well-built. in the course of his peregrinations he once crushed the trees of the hermitage of the sage Lomasa, who pronounced on him a curse that he would thenceforth remain disembodied. He felt that his physical sheath was about to falloff like slough, He fell prostrate at the feet of the sage and asked his forgiveness. Appeased by his penitent behaviour, the sage blessed him that in the course of the Vaivaswata Manvantara he would be liberated by the touch of the feet of Lord Sri Krsna. it was Utkaca that had entered the cart in Nanda's residence in his disembodied state and was forthwith liberated by the tough of the Lord's feet.

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