Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 76:1-15

Book 10: Seventy-six (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 76: Verses 1-15

Salva's Encounter with the Yadavas

Sri Suka began again : Pariksit, now hear the story of still another wonderful achievement of Bhagavan Sri Krsna, who had sportfully assumed a human semblance. This relates to the death of Salva, owner of the celebrated aerial car called Saubha. Salva was a friend of Sisupala and accompanied the latter (as a member of the bridegroom's party) for his (proposed) wedding with Rukmini. At that time he, alongwith Jarasandha and others, was completely routed in battle by the Yadus. Within the hearing of all the princes (assembled there) Salva took a vow saying, " I shall rid the earth of the Yadavas; you will then witness my prowess." Pariksit, having thus pledged himself, the fool began to worship the god of gods, Sankara, taking by way of nourishment only ,a handful of dust once a day. At the end of a year the almighty Spouse of lima, Lord Sankara, (who is propitiated very soon), offered to confer a boon on Salva, who had sought his protection. Salva requested the Lord to confer on him an aerial car which could be taken wherever he liked, and which could not be broken by the gods, Asuras, men, Gandharvas and Raksasas, and which would be a terror to the Yadus.
Sankara said, "Be it so !" Under his command, the demon Maya, who could (easily) bring about the fall of an enemy's stronghold, constructed an aerial car, called Saubha, which was made of steel, and handed it over to Salva. It was not a car, but a city in miniature. Full of darkness within, it was inaccessible (to others). It could be taken wherever one liked. Obtaining this car, Salva proceeded against Dwaraka remembering the old grudge against the Yadus. Pariksit, Salva besieged the city with a large army and engaged himself in the wholesale destruction of its gardens and parks, the gateways with their massive superstructures, the mansions with their upper chambers and compound wall and the places of recreation. Volleys of destructive weapons rained from that huge aerial car. Blocks of stone, trees, thunderbolts serpents and hailstones were showered on the city, and a fearful tornado was let loose over it, filling the quarters with dust. Just as in the days of yore the earth suffered under the scourge of the demon Tripura, even so the city of Dwaraka was subjected to untold suffering by Salva's aerial car, Saubha. The people could not find respite (even for a moment). Observing the distress of the people, the renowned warrior, Bhagavan Pradyumna, mounted his chariot and cheered them by saying 'Fear not'. Satyaki, Carudesna, Samba, Akrura and his younger brothers, Krtavarma, Bhanuvinda, Gada, Suka, Sarana and many other big generals followed him with mighty bows in their hands. They were all protected with armours and Were guarded by chariots, elephants, horses and foot-soldiers.



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