Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 7 Chapter 5:1-14

Book 7: Chapter 5

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 7: Chapter 5: Verses 1-14
Hiranyakasipu attempts the life of Prahrada

Narada began again : We are told that the glorious sage Kavya (Sukracarya) was chosen by the demons to (fill) the office of their priest. (Hence) his two sons, Sanda and Amarka, lived close to the palace of Hiranyakasipu (the ruler of the Daityas). They taught (all) subjects that were worth teaching to Prahrada-who had been sent (to their house) by the king (Hiranyakasipu) and, though (yet) a child, was skilled in reasoning-as well as to other children of the Asuras. He listened to and immediately reproduced what was taught to him by his teacher there; but at heart he did not approve of it, based as it was on the false notion distinguishing a friend from a foe. Placing his son (Prahrada) on his lap, one day, Hiranyakasipu (the ruler of the Asuras), O Yudhisthira (son of Pandu), addressed him :-"Tell me, my child, what you regard as good (for you)." Prahrada replied : For (all) embodied souls whose mind is ever disturbed with the false ideas of 'I' and 'mine', I hold this to be good, O chief of demons, that having abandoned one's home, which degrades one's soul, and is just like a well whose mouth is hidden, one should go to the woods and take refuge in Sri Hari. Narada continued : On hearing the words of his son (Prahrada), full of faith in Lord Visnu (who belonged to the hostile party), the demon (Hiranyakasipu) laughed and said :-"The intellect of youngsters is perverted by the machinations of others. Let the child be properly guarded, so that his intellect may not be perverted by Brahmanas devoted to Visnu and living incognito at the preceptor's residence."

Summoning Prahrada, who had (now) been brought back (from the royal palace) to their residence, the (family) priests of the Daityas praised him (by way of encouraging him and winning his confidence) and duly questioned him in a soft language and in coaxing words (as follows):- Child Prahrada, may good betide you: speak the truth and do not tell a lie. Whence this perversion of your intellect, which is not to be found in other boys (your companions)? (Please) tell (us) your teachers, anxious as we are to hear (the truth), O delight of your race, whether the aberration of your mind has been brought about by others or it has come about by itself. Prahrada replied : Hail to that almighty Lord, by whose Maya (delusive potency) has been brought about the false notion that he is ons's own and he is another, which is observed (only) in men whose mind is deluded (by that Maya). When He is propitious, (it is then alone that) the false notion in men, embracing the distinction that "another is he and another am I", which is generally found in beasts, is dispelled. That (supreme) Spirit Itself is described (by the wise) as one whose ways cannot be easily comprehended by those that are labouring under the misapprehension that "he is my own and he is another", and in whose quest even (great) exponents of the Veda such as Brahma (the creator) get bewildered. Indeed it is He who is responsible for (changing my outlook and making it universal). (Just) as iron, O holy one, moves of itself (without any ostensible cause or purpose) in the vicinity of a magnet, so is my mind unaccountably drawn towards Lord Visnu (who holds the discus, Sudarsana, in one of His four hands).



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