Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 1 Chapter 12:1-14

Book 1: Chapter 12

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 1: Chapter 12: Verses 1-14
Birth of Pariksit

Saunaka said: (You have already told us that) the infacnt in the womb of Uttara, though destroyed by the formidable Brahmastra discharged by Aswatthama (Drona's son), was brought back to life by the Lord Himself. We now wish to hear about the birth and exploits of that noble soul of great wisdom, to whom Suka imparted (true) knowledge, how his death came about and what destiny he attained after death. Kindly narrate all this to us, who are so earnest about it, if you deem fit. Suta continued : Freed from thirst for all enjoyments through the service of Sri Krsna`s lotus-feet, the righteous king Yudhisthira protected his subjects like a father, gratifying them in everyway. He had (untold) riches and had performed many a sacrifice and earned thereby a place in the highest worlds. His consort (queen Draupadi) and brothers were all devoted to him. His suzerainty extended over the entire globe, while he enjoyed the sovereignty of Jambudwipa. Nay, his fame had reached as far as heaven. But could all these objects of enjoyment, coveted even by the gods, O Brahmanas, bring delight to the king, who had given his mind to Lord Sri Krsna (the Bestower of Liberation), any more than things other than food gratify a hungry soul. While being scorched by the fire of the Brahmastra, that hero (Pariksit) in the womb of his mother (Uttara), O Saunaka (the delight of the Bhrgus), beheld some effulgent Being of the size of a thumb, most charming in appearance and swarthy of hue, clad in yellow robes that shone like lightning and wearing a brilliant diadem of gold. He was no other than Lord Acyuta (Sri Krsna). He had four long and graceful arms, was adorned with pendants of refined gold, had bloodshot eyes and held in one of His hands a mace that shone like a firebrand even as He waved it in a circle again and again, Himself revolving round the child all the time. He was quenching the fire of the Brahmastra with His mace, even as the sun disperses the fog. Perceiving Him by his side, the child in the womb wondered who it was. Having quenched that fire, Lord Sri Hari (Sri Krsna), the Protector of virtue, who is infinite by nature and omnipresent too, disappeared in the womb itself, that (unborn) child of ten months still looking on.

Then, at an hour which was favourable for the development of all noble traits and when the stars in the ascendant were propitious, was born that child, who maintained the thread of Pandu's line and was another Pandu as it were in bodily strength. Delighted at heart (at the news of his birth), the king had benedictory hymns recited and rites connected with the birth of a child performed by holy Brahmanas like Dhaumya, Krpa and others. The king, who knew the right moment for making gifts, bestowed at the sacred hour of the birth[1] of Pariksit (before the navel-string is cut) gold, cows, lands, villages (as revenue-free grants), excellent elephants and horses and the best foodgrains on the Brahmanas.



  1. The scripture says :-"A family does not contract Sutaka (impurity caused by childbirth) till the navel string is cut. It is only after the umbilical cord is cut that the Sutaka actually commences as a rule." A gift made before this operation brings an inexhaustible store of merit to the donor. The Smrti says :-

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