Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 9 Chapter 16:1-14

Book 9: Chapter 16

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 9: Chapter 16: Verses 1-14
Extermination of the Ksatriyas by Parasurama : an account of the posterity of the sage Viswamitra

Sri Suka resumed : Admonished by his father (as aforesaid)* and saying "So be it", Parasurama returned to his hermitage (only) after having performed pilgrimage for a year, O delight of the Kurus! On a certain day, having gone to the Ganga, Renuka (Parasurama's mother saw (there) Citraratha (the king of the Gandharvas)-adorned with a lotus garland-sporting with celestial nymphs. It was for water that she had gone to the river. (But) gazing at the sporting Gandharva, she did not remember the time scheduled for offering oblations into the sacred fire (when the water was required by her husband), her heart being seized with a slight longing for Citraratha. Perceiving the delay thus caused, and terribly afraid [1]of the sage's (her husband's) curse, she returned (forthwith) and, placing the pitcher before him, stood with joined palms. Enraged to know (through Yoga) the (mental) lapse of his wife, the sage exclaimed, "My sons! do away with this sinful woman." Though enjoined thus, they did not carry out his command. Peremptorily urged by the father, Parasurama, who knew well the power of the sage's deep concentration of mind and austerities killed his brothers alongwith the mother. The gratified Jamadagni (the son of Satyavati) asked him to seek a boon. Rama for his part requested that those despatched by himself might be restored to life and forget their having been killed (by him). They instantly rose (quite) whole (again) as if after sleep. Parasurama put his dear ones to death (only) because he knew the power of his father's austerities. Those sons of Arjuna that had been vanquished by Rama's valour found peace nowhere, recollecting as they did the death of their father (at the hands of Parasurama), O king! One day, when Parasurama, alongwith his (elder) brothers, had gone to the woods from his hermitage, Arjuna's sons (who were anxious to repay their grudge) came to the hermitage, finding a suitable opportunity (to accomplish their object). Perceiving the sage seated in the hut consecrated to the sacrificial fire, with his mind fixed on the Lord of sacred renown, they of sinful resolve made short work of him. Though entreated by the helpless mother of Parasurama (to spare her husband), those vile and extremely heartless Ksatriyas forcibly lopped off the sage's head and took it away (with them). Stricken with agony and grief and violently beating herself with her hands, the virtuous Renuka loudly and plaintively cried, "Rama ! O Rama I! Come, dear child !!!" Attentively hearing that cry of "Oh Rama!" uttered as though by one in distress, Parasurama, who was at a distance, hastily returned to the hermitage and beheld his father done to death.



  1. Vide verses 38-41 of Discourse XV above.

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