Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 12 Chapter 6:1-11

Book 12: Chapter 6

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 12: Chapter 6: Verses 1-11

Suta began again : Having heard this discourse of the sage Suka (the son of Vyasa), who beheld the universe within himself and, looked upon all with an equal eye, the said Pariksit, who had been granted his life by the Lord, approached the soles of the sage's feet and with bent head and joined palms spoke thus. The king (Pariksit) submitted : I stand accomplished of purpose and have been favoured by your gracious self in that I have been directly told of Sri Hari, who has no beginning or end, as well as of the means of attaining Him. I do not consider it surprising that the grace of exalted souls, who have given their mind to Sri Hari (the immortal Lord), descends on the ignorant creatures tormented by agonies. We have heard from you the compilation in the form of this Purana, in which the most illustrious Lord has been described as a matter of fact. Lord ! I am afraid neither of Taksaka nor of other agencies of death, since I have (now) entered the fearless and all-blissful state of oneness with Brahma (the Absolute) as shown by you. (Now) give me permission, 0 Brahmana sage !I shall control (all my senses including) speech and, having established my mind, which is free from (all) cravings, in (the thought of) Lord Visnu (who is above sense-perception), give up the ghost. My ignorance (nescience) including its seed has been eradicated by firmness in Juana (the knowledge of truth) and Vijnana (its Realization) since the supreme state of the Lord, which rids (one) of all fear, has been revealed (to me) by vou. Suta resumed : Thus addressed and worshipped by the king, the divine Sri Suka (son of Vedavyasa) took leave of him and departed alongwith (other) ascetics. Uniting his mind by force of reason with the Self, the royal sage Pariksit for his part contemplated on the Supreme Spirit, remaining breathless like (the trunk of) a tree. With (all) his doubts resolved, (nay,) identified with Brahma (the Absolute) and free from attachment, the great Yogi sat down on the bank of the (holy) Ganga facing the north on blades of Kusa grass, the ends of which pointed to the east. Directed by the infuritated son of a Brahmana and going to (see) the king with the intention of bitting him to death, 0 Brahmanas ! Taksaka met on the way (a Brahmana named) Kasyapa.



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