Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 4 Chapter 28:1-15

Book 4: Chapter 28

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 4: Chapter 28: Verses 1-15
Puranjana is reborn as a woman and attains liberation through the teaching of his friend, Avijnata

Narada continued : Accompanied by Prajwara and the daughter of Kala; the hordes of the lord of the Yavanas, Bhaya by name, who were the agents of fate, O Barhisman, ranged over this globe. On a certain day, O king, they besieged with (great) speed the capital of Puranjana, rich in (all) earthly enjoyments and guarded by the old serpent (Prajagara). The daughter of Kala too took possession of the city of Puranjana by force. Overcome by her, any man would become powerless at once. The Yavanas (the troops of Bhaya) entered the city, which was (thus) being forcibly enjoyed by her, through the (various) entrances on all sides and oppressed the entire population very much. The city being thus tormented, Puranjana, who loved it as his own self, and who had a large family and was troubled with the feeling of mineness, fell a prey to manifold agonies. Embraced by that maid (the daughter of Kala) and divested of (his) glory, Puranjana felt (very) wretched, his mind being engrossed in the pleasures of sense. Nay, forcibly robbed of his power and affluence by the Gandharvas and the Yavanas, he lost his power of discrimination (too). Seeing his city destroyed, his sons and grandsons, servants and ministers rebellious and disrespectful, his wife cold and indifferent, his body caught in the snares of that maid and the land of Pancala overrun by the enemy, he was plunged in anxiety which was hard to overcome, and found no remedy for it. Miserably hankering after the objects of enjoyment, rendered insipid by that maid, and affectionately taking care of his progeny and wife, the king lost his spiritual moorings as well as the affection of his people and reluctantly proceeded to quit that city, which had (now) been taken possession of by the Gandharvas and Yavanas and devastated by the daughter of Kala. (In the meantime) Prajwara, the elder brother of the lord of the Yavanas, who bore the name of Bhaya, made his appearance (there) and set fire to the entire city with intent to please his brother. When the city was in flames, Puranjana, the head of his family, suffered (untold) agony with the entire city, his own retinue, the mistress of the family and his sons and daughters. When Prajagara's own abode was besieged by the Yavanas and the city was occupied by the daughter of Kala, the said guard of the city felt sorely distressed as he closed with Prajwara. When he was unable to defend the city while on that post and found himself in great straits, he shook violently and sought to fly away therefrom even as a serpent would try to escape from the hollow of a tree on fire. With his limbs enfeebled, and himself deprived of his manliness by the Gandharvas, he actually wept when intercepted by his enemies, the Yavanas, O king !



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