Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 1 Chapter 8:1-15

Book 1: Chapter 8

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 1: Chapter 8: Verses 1-15
The Lord delivers Pariksit in the womb and is extolled by Kunti; Yudhisthira gives way to grief

Suta says : Placing the ladies at the head and accompanied by Sri Krsna, they all then repaired to the bank of the Ganga in order to offer oblations of water to their departed kinsmen seeking such oblations. Having offered water to the deceased and bitterly wept for them, they all immersed themselves once more in the water of the Ganga, that had been hallowed by contact with the dust of Sri Hari's lotus-feet. Showing how all created beings are subject to death, which cannot be averted, Lord Madhava (Sri Krsna) and the sages (Dhaumya and others) consoled king Yudhisthira (the lord of the Kurus) and his younger brothers (Bhima and others), Dhrtarastra and his wife, Gandhari (daughter of the king of Gandhara), who was stricken with grief at the loss of her sons, as well as Prtha (Kunti) and Krsna, all of whom had lost their kith and kin. and were sitting there plunged in grief. Having secured to king Yudhisthira (to whom no enemy was ever born, in other words, who was too good to regard anyone as his enemy) his own kingdom, that had been usurped by gamblers, and brought about the destruction of wicked kings, whose span of life had been cut short by touching Draupadi's hair, and having helped him to perform as many as three Aswamedha sacrifices with the best possible materials and with the aid of the best available priests, He caused his sacred renown to spread in all directions like that of Indra (who is raised to this exalted position only after performing a hundred Aswamedha sacrifices). Having taken leave of Pandu's sons and paid His respects to holy Brahmanas like Dwaipayana (Vyasa), who did their homage to Him in return, He mounted His chariot and was just intending to leave for Dwaraka along with Satyaki and Uddhava when, O Saunaka, He perceived Uttar& (widow of Abhimanyu, Arjuna's deceased son) rushing towards Him, stricken with fear. Uttara said : Protect me, O great Yogi; save me, O supreme Deity ! O Lord of the universe, l see no asylum other than You in this world, where everyone is death to another.(9) This dart of burning steel is pursuing me, O almighty Lord ! Let it burn me by all means, my master; but let it not kill the child in my womb.

Suta says : Hearing her words, the Lord, who is so fond of His devotees, understood that it was a missile discharged by Aswatthama (son of Dronacarya) in order to exterminate the line of the Pandavas (sons of Pandu). That very moment, O chief of the sages, the sons of Pandu also saw five burning shafts coming towards them, and took up their own missiles (arrows). Perceiving the calamity of his kinsmen, who thought of none else than Him, the almighty Lord protected them with His own discus, Sudarsana. Sri Hari, the Master of Yoga, who is the very Self dwelling in the heart of all living beings, enveloped the womb of Uttar& (the daughter of king Virata) by His own Maya (Yogic power) in order to preserve the line of Kuru. Even though the missile presided over by Brahma is unfailing and irresistible, it proved ineffectual when it met the effulgence of Bhagavan Visnu (Sri Krsna), chief of the Bhrgus.



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