Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 20:1-12

Book 10: Twentieth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 20: Verses 1-12
A description of the Rains and Autumn

Sri Suka began again : The cowherd boys narrated at full length to their womenfolk that extraordinary feat of the two Brothers in the shape of their deliverance from a wild fire and even so the destruction of Pralamba. Astonished to hear it, the elderly among the Gopas and the cowherd women too thought Sri Krsna and Balarama to be two foremost gods come down to Vraja. Then commenced the rainy season, conducive to the growth of all creatures (as being favourable to their breeding and nourishment both), characterized by bright circles (round the sun and the moon) and thundering heavens. Overcast with dense and dark clouds attended with lightning and thunder, with the luminaries rendered obscure, the sky shone as Brahma (the Spirit) conditioned by the three Gunas (and known as the diva with its light of wisdom obscured by the Sattva, Rajas and Tamas corresponding in the case of the sky to the flashes of lightning, thunder and the clouds).
When the (opportune) time (in the form of the monsoon) came, the sun-god began to release the wealth of the earth in the form of water that had been absorbed by him during the (past) eight months (even as a righteous monarch would return to the people the wealth which he extorted from them in the form of land revenue and other legitimate taxes). Huge clouds endowed with (the eyes of) lightning (and perceiving the heat of the world) and tossed by tempestuous winds poured down water, which brings joy to this world (even as the compassionate, observing the miserable plight of the world and stirred with a feeling of commiseration for the afflicted, lay down their very life and thus bring delight to the world). Shrunk through the (summer) heat, the earth grew plump again when drenched by heaven, even as the body of a man engaged in austerities performed for attaining some selfish end, which is emaciated through such austerities, grow corpulent (again) on realizing the fruit of those austerities. It is the fire-flies and not the planets that shine at the approach of night shrouded in darkness (occasioned by a thick coating of clouds obscuring the heavenly bodies), even as it is heresies and not the Vedas that flourish in the age of Kali contaminated with sin (born of ignorance that clouds one's judgment).
Frogs, that had been silently hibernating before, began to utter their croaks on hearing the roar of clouds, (even) as Brahmana pupils at the end of their (daily) routine of devotions (during which they observe complete silence and on hearing the call of their preceptor) would start their recitation (of the Vedas). Small streams that were gradually drying up (now) overflowed their channel (even) as the bodily resources and material riches of a man who has no self-control flow in a wrong channel. The earth looked green with its green meadows, crimson with the Indragopas (a species of red insects with a velvety skin) and shaded (rendered white) by mushrooms, (even) as the army of kings is arrayed in uniforms of various colours. Fields with their wealth of crop afforded delight to the cultivators and caused agony to the rich, who ( envied their lot and) did not know that everything lay in the hands of Providence.



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