Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 60:1-11

Book 10: Sixty Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 60: Verses 1-11

A dialogue between Sri Krsna and Rukmini Sri Suka began again : On a certain night Rukmini (the daughter of king Bhismaka), accompanied by her female companions, was serving with a fan her (divine) Spouse (Lord Sri Krsna), the Father and Illuminator of the world, who was comfortably seated on her own bed. The same birthless Lord who creates, sustains and destroys the universe by way of sport was born in the race of Yadu for maintaining the (moral) standards set up by Himself. Rukmini waited upon her Spouse, the suzerain Lord of (all) the worlds, (who was) comfortably seated on a superb cushion, white as the foam of milk, mounted on a couch, 0 king I within that (well-known) inner apartment (of Rukmini's palace)-whose beauty was heightened by a canopy fringed with brilliant pearl-strings hanging from it, by gems serving as lights, by flowers and garlands of jasmines resonant with the humming of black bees, and by silvery rays of the moon that had penetrated into it through eye-holes of latticed windows-(nay,) which was fanned by breezes blowing through the garden (attached to it) and laden with the fragrance of Parijata trees (figuring in it), and scented with fumes rising from burning aloe-wood and escaping through the (aforementioned) eye-holes.
Taking from the hand of a female companion the chowrie provided with a handle of jewels, the glorious lady rendered service to the Lord, fanning Him with it. (Holding the handle of the fan in her hand adorned with rings and bangles and making music by her anklets made of gems beside the infallible Lord, she looked (most) charming with the splendour of her pearl necklace._ reddened by the saffron painted on her breasts covered by the end of her sari----and with her girdle of unsurpassed value worn about her hips. Delighted to see her, the beautiful Laksmi Herself, who was exclusively devoted to Him, and had assumed a form matching with Sri Krsna's--who had sportfully taken a (human) semblance-(nay,) on whose countenance, embellished by locks, ear-rings and a neck adorned with a gold necklace, shone a nectarine smile, Sri Krsna (who captivates the heart of all) spoke smilingly (as follows). The glorious Lord said : Princess you were sought after by kings, who vied in wealth with the lords of the spheres, wielded great influence, were endowed with splendour and distinguished for their comeliness, magnanimity and bodily strength. Leaving them (all), the king of Cedi etc.-who were all love-intoxicated and had called at your door as suitors and to whom you had been affianced by your brother and father-how did you choose for your husband us, who were no match for you.



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