Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 7 Chapter 10:1-14

Book 7: Chapter 10

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 7: Chapter 10: Verses 1-14
(The story of) the conquest of Tripura

Naiads began again : Regarding all that (asking boons and so on) as an impediment to the practice of Devotion, the infant (Prahrada) smilingly addressed Lord Nrsimha (the Ruler of the senses) as follows. Prahrada said : Pray, do not tempt me, attached as I am to the pleasures of sense by birth, with boons in the form of those (very) pleasures. Afraid of attachment to them and fed up with them, I have approached You for protection, anxious to secure freedom (from the shackles of birth and death). Eager to ascertain (make known to the world) the characteristics of a (true) devotee, You directed me to the pleasures of sense, the seeds of transmigration, serving as so many knots to bind the heart, O Lord ! Otherwise such a thing would not be possible for You, who are (so) kind-hearted, O Preceptor of the universe! He who seeks (worldly) blessings from You is no servant (of Yours). He is only a business man. One desiring blessings for oneself from a master is no servant in the true sense of the word. And (likewise) he is no master, who grants (such) gifts expecting the recognition of his mastership from his servant. I, however, am Your devotee without any craving; while You are my master having no axe to grind. Unlike the interests of a king and his servant here, our interest (in each other) is not governed by any other (selfish) motive.

If You (are inclined to) bestow on me, O Lord, boons sought after by me, O Chief of the bestowers of boons, I solicit from You this boon alone that no more desires may (ever) sprout in my heart. With the (very) appearance of desire the Indriyas (the senses of perception as well as the organs of action), the mind, vital energy, the body, righteousness, firmness, understanding, modesty, wealth, glory, memory and truthfulness disappear. (On the other hand,) when a man gets rid of the desires rooted in the heart, then alone, O lotus-eyed One, he becomes qualified for (attaining) divine glory.[1]Hail to You, the almighty and high-souled Sri Hari, the Inner Controller, the Absolute, the Supreme Spirit, appearing in the form of an extraordinary lion ! Lord Nrsimha replied : Those like you, who are exclusively devoted to Me, never seek (even) from Me benefits in this or the next world. Nevertheless enjoy here during (the whole of) this Manvantara continuously the luxuries of the lords of the Daityas. Taking (great) pleasure in My delightful stories and enthroning in Your heart Me, the one Lord presiding over sacrifices and (equally) present in all creatures, worship you Me, renouncing (all) action by offering it to Me. Exhausting (your) merit by means of enjoyment (of pleasures) and sin by meritorious actions and casting off (your) body in course of time and spreading (in this world) an unsullied fame which will be sung (even) in the celestial regions, you will (eventually) attain to Me, all your bonds being loosened. A man who recites this hymn addressed to Me by you, thinking of you and Me as well as of this narrative will in course of time be completely freed from the bondage of actions.



  1. This is corroborated by the following Sruti text:- (Kathopanisad II. iii. 14) 'When alt the desires rooted in one's heart are got rid of, a mortal forthwith becomes immortal and attains oneness with Brahma (the Absolute) in this (very) life.'

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