Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 7 Chapter 8:1-13

Book 7: Chapter 8

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 7: Chapter 8: Verses 1-13
Lord Nrsimha extolled on the death of the demon king (at His hands)

Narada resumed : On hearing his (Prahrada's) exhortation all the Daityas' sons forthwith accepted it because of its faultlessness, but not the teaching of their preceptor. Alarmed to perceive their mind intent on (the realization of) a single purpose (viz., devotion to the Lord), the preceptor's son thereupon quickly and correctly reported the matter to the king. Hearing of that unwelcome misdemeanour on the part of his son (Prahrada), which was hard to bear, Hirat yakasipu made up his mind to dispose of his son, his limbs shaking under the impulse of anger. Reproaching in a harsh language Prahrada-who was not only (thoroughly) disciplined but was bent low with modesty and standing with joined palms and (as such) was (altogether) undeserving of such treatment-and regarding him with a wicked and crooked eye, the demon, who was cruel by nature, spoke (as follows), hissing (all the time) like a serpent struck with the foot:- "O unruly, stupid wretch, causing discord in our family, I shall despatch you this (very) day to the abode of Yama (the god of death)-you, who have grown (so) obstinate and have slipped away from my authority l

By whose might, O fool, have you violated, like an undaunted person, the authority of one, viz., myself, before whom, when angry, (all) the three worlds, including their guardians, shake (with fear)?" Prahrada replied : He is unquestionably the strength not only of mine but yours as well, [1]O king, nay, of other powerful beings (too). It is He by whom (all) these (creatures), (both) high and low, animate and inanimate, commencing from Brahma (the creator), have been held under sway. He is the (supreme) Ruler; He, the mighty Kala (Time-Spirit) and the (very) embodiment of organic and mental powers, physical strength and fortitude. The supreme Controller of the three Gunas (modes of Prakrti), it is He alone who creates, protects and devours (dissolves) the universe by means of His potencies (in the form of Rajas, Sattva and Tamas). Abandon you this demoniac disposition of yours and keep your mind equipoised. There are no enemies other than an unsubdued and errant mind. For that (viz., maintaining the poise of the mind) constitutes the eminent and correct procedure of worshipping the Infinite. Some regard the four quarters, the four intermediate points, the sky overhead and the subterranean regions below as conquered by themselves, without first having curbed the six marauding thieves (in the shape of the five senses of perception and the mind). (Indeed) whence can there be enemies, born of one's own ignorance, in the eye of the knowing and pious soul who has conquered his mind and is (thus) alike to all embodied beings ? Hiranyakasipu replied : "Evidently you are keen to die, now that you are bragging too much. For the words of those who are anxious to die, O slow-witted one, are sure to be incoherent. Where is that Lord of the universe other than me, that has (just) been mentioned by you, 0 wretched one? If it is urged that he is (present) everywhere, wherefore is he not seen in the pillar (over there)?



  1. [564] B. M. 25-

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