Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 18:1-12

Book 10: Eighteenth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 18: Verses 1-12
The Lord slays the demon Pralamba

Sri Suka began again Surrounded by His kinsfolk, who were (all) delighted at heart, and being glorified by them, Sri Krsna presently entered Vraja graced with herds of cows. While the two (divine) Brothers were thus sporting in diverse ways in Vraja in the guise of cowherds by recourse to Their Maya, there set in the season going by the name of summer, which is not very agreeable to embodied beings. It was, however, regarded (by the people of Vraja) as though it were spring due to the peculiarities of Vrndavana, where stayed in person Lord Sri Krsna (the Ruler even of Brahma and Siva) along with Balarama. There the chirping of crickets was drowned in the loud murmur of cascades and the land was adorned with clusters of trees ever wet with their spray. Due to a breeze (constantly) blowing over the ripples of streams, ponds and rills and conveying the pollen of Kahlaras, lotuses and water-lilies in that woodland abounding in green meadows, the heat radiating from the summer fires and the summer sun was not felt by the denizens of the forest. The sun's rays, fierce as poison, in that area did not suck up the moisture or the verdant character of the earth, whose mud along with the sandy banks was (ever) kept moist on all sides by the waves beating against the banks of rivers containing unfathomable water.
That glorious woodland (of Vrndavana) was full of blossoms and teemed with various animals and birds giving forth cries (of diverse kinds), peacocks uttering sweet notes and humming bees as well as with warbling cuckoos and cackling cranes. Accompanied by Balarama and surrounded by cowherds and the cattle wealth, and intending to sport (there), Lord Sri Krsna entered that forest playing on His flute. Adorned with tender leaves, plumes of peacocks, bunches and wreaths of flowers and minerals (of various kinds), the cowherds, of whom Balarama and Sri Krsna were the foremost, danced, wrestled and sang. While Sri Krsna danced, some (of His friends) sang; whereas others produced sounds with their flutes, palms and horns, while still others shouted applause. The gods in the guise of cowherds extolled Sri Krsna and Balarama, who were (similarly) disguised as cowherd boys, even as dancers would praise their chief, O protector of men ! Wearing side-locks (after the fashion of the day), the two Brothers now diverted Themselves by revolving (in pairs with Their hands clasped together), long jumps, putting the weight, slapping the arms, tug of war and wrestling.



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