Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 89:1-14

Book 10: Eighty-nine (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 89: Verses 1-14

(The three chief gods put to test by the sage Bhrgu;) the Lord brings back the (dead) sons of a Brahmana

Sri Suka began again : 0 king, (on one occasion) great sages assembled on the bank of the Saraswati (for exchange of views on the object of life and the means of attaining the same). (In the course of their discussion) a question came up before the assemblage as to which of the three lords of creation (viz., Brahma, Visnu and Siva) was the greatest. 0 king, the Rsis actually deputed Bhrgu, one of Brahma's sons, to ascertain the out of curiosity fact with intent to know this truth, Maharsi Bhrgu (first) visited the court of Brahma, and with a view to testing Brahma's forbearance and other qualities, did neither bow to him nor offer any praises. Brahma got angry with him and looked as if burning with his majestic glow. But considering that the insult was offered by his own son, Brahma (the self-born) subdued the anger of his heart within his mind by force of reason, just as one extinguished fire by water, which is an evolute of fire itself. From Brahma's court the sage Bhrgu went to Kailasa (the home of siva).Seeing that it was his own brother (Bhrgu, who had come on a visit to Him), the Lord Sankara (the supreme Deity) rose in (great) joy (from His seat) and proceeded to embrace the sage. But Bhrgu avoided his touch saying, "I shall not touch you, since you have broken social conventions and flouted the injunctions of the Vedas." Siva lost His temper when He heard this. His eyes shot fire. Taking up His trident, He proceeded to strike the sage (with it.) But Goddess Parvati, falling at Siva's feet, pacified Him by soothing words. Thereafter Bhrgu went to Vaikuntha, the realm of Bhagavan Visnu.
He found the Lord reposing (with His head) on the lap of Laksmi (the goddess of prosperity). (Breaking into His room unceremoniously) the sage suddenly kicked Him on the chest. The almighty Lord, the (sole) refuge of the virtuous, thereupon (quickly) rose with Laksmi alighted from His bed and, bowing His head (in reverence) to the sage said, " 0 sage, you are welcome. Make yourself comfortable on this seat and rest awhile. Unaware of your arrival, we could not offer you welcome in time. Pray, forgive us this omission. 0 great one ! great sage, your feet are so soft, 0 dear one !" Saying this, the Lord began to knead the feet of the sage with His own hands, and again said:- "0 sage, the water touched by your feet lends sanctity even to the sacred waters. (Pray) sanctify Me, My realm (Vaikuntha) and the protectors of the world residing in Me, with the same. 0 worshipful sage, all My sins have been washed off by the very touch of your feet. From this day I have become the sole abode of Sri Laksmi, the goddess of wealth. She will hereafter (constantly) dwell on My bosom (bearing the mark of your foot)." Sri Suka continued :.Hearing these words of the Lord uttered in a deep low tone, the sage Bhrgu felt (highly) satisfied and happy. His voice got choked through (the rising tide of) Devotion and tears rushed to his eyes. He could not utter a word. 0 king, returning to the assembly of sages, who were (all) expository of the Vedas, he narrated all that he had experienced (in the valms of Brahma, Sankara and Bhagavan Visnu).



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