Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 8 Chapter 6:1-12

Book 8: Chapter 6

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 8: Chapter 6: Verses 1-12
Transportation of Mount Mandara (to serve as a churn-staff for stirring the ocean of milk)

Sri Suka resumed:Thus extolled by the hosts of gods, the almighty Lord Sri Hari appeared before them, O king, with the effulgence of a thousand suns rising together. All the gods had their eyes dazzled by that very effulgence, so that they could not perceive the sky, the quarters, the earth and even themselves; how (then) could they perceive the Lord ? The glorious Brahma (the creator) along with Lord Siva (the Destroyer of the universe) beheld that very spotless form, dark green as the emerald, with its eyes ruddy as the interior of a lotus. Clad in a shining silk piece, yellow as burning gold, It was graceful and charming in every limb, had a lovely countenance and beautiful eyebrows. It was adorned with a crown set with precious gems and a pair of armlets (one on each arm); and Its cheeks, illumined by (brilliant) ear-rings, added to the charm of Its lotus-like face. It was (also) decked with a girdle, a pair of wristlets, a (pearl) necklace and a pair of anklets, and was (further) adorned with the (famous) Kaustubha gem and a wreath of sylvan flowers (about Its neck). (Nay,) It bore (on Its bosom) Goddess Laksmi (in the form of a golden streak) and was waited upon by His own weapons, Sudarsana and others, endowed with a personal form. Accompanied by Lord Siva and all the hosts of gods, who fell prostrate with all (their) limbs on the ground, Brahma (the foremost of the gods) hymned the supreme Person (as follows).

Brahma prayed: Hail, hail to You, the ocean of (unmixed) bliss in the form of final beatitude, of whom birth, continuance and destruction have never been predicated, who transcends the (three) Gunas, who is subtler than the subtle (most difficult to comprehend), (the extent of) whose form cannot be actually measured and whose glory is inconceivable. This (divine) form of Yours, O supreme Person, deserves to be worshipped by (all) seekers of blessedness through methods laid down in the Vedas and the Tantras (such as the Pancaratra). Oh, in this form (of Yours), which embraces the (whole) universe, O Maker (of all), I clearly perceive all at once ourselves (the gods) as well as (all) the three worlds. In You, who are (absolutely) independent, existed this universe at the beginning (before its creation); in You (alone) it continued in the middle (of its existence) and in You (again) it will get merged in the end (after its dissolution). (Nay,) You (alone) are the beginning, the middle and the end of this cosmos, even as clay is in relation to a jar, since You are higher than the highest (Prakrti). (10) Having created this universe by Your own Maya (creative energy), depending on You, You have subsequently entered it (as its inner Controller). (Hence) the wise, who are well-versed in the scriptures and have (duly) controlled their mind, perceive You, with their mind, as unaffected by the (three) Gunas (modes of Prakrti) even (though You stand projected) in the universe (which is a product of those Gunas). Even as (the common run of) men obtain by proper means fire in a pair of wooden pieces, milk in (the udders of) cows, foodgrains and water in the soil and livelihood through (personal) exertion, so do the wise realize You in the (various) objects of the senses by (their purified) intellect through the (various) means of God-Realization and (then) describe You (in terms of their realization).



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