Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 11 Chapter 12:1-13

Book 11: Chapter 12

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 11: Chapter 12: Verses 1-13

The glorious Lord began again Neither Yoga (consisting of eight limbs enumerated in the Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali) nor Sarikhya (knowledge of the distinctive character of the different categories discussed in the Samkhya system of philosophy) nor righteousness (consisting of non-violence, benevolence etc.), study of the Vedas (or Japa of the Divine Name), austerity and renunciation nor pouring oblations into the sacred fire and works of public utility (such as the digging of wells and tanks and the laying out of gardens) nor (the. bestowal of) gifts, (observing) fasts, worship of gods, muttering secret spells,resorting to holy waters and places of pilgrimage, (undertaking) sacred observances (such as purity of body and mind) and the (five) forms of self-abnegation (non-violence etc.,) gain Me over as does Satsanga capture Me-Satsanga, which actually puts an end to all (other) attachments. For, thanks to the fellowship of saints, a number of Daityas (the sons of Diti),'Yatudhanas (ogres), beasts and birds, Gandharvas and Apsaras, Nagas, Siddhas, Caranas and Guhyakas (Yaksas), Vidyadharas, and among human beings (even) Vaisyas and Sudras, womenfolk and the lowest born, possessed of a Rajasika and Tamasika disposition, such as Vrtrasura (son of the god Twasta through a Daitya mother), Prahrada (son of Kayadhu),. Vrsaparva, Bali, Bana, Maya and Vibhisana, sub-human (beings like) Sugriva, Hanuman, Jambavan (a bear), the (celebrated) elephant (of the legend), Jatayu (a vulture), Tuladhara (a merchant), Dharmavyadha (a hunter by profession), Kubja (a hunch-backed damsel), the GopIs (cowherdesses) as well as the wives of Brahmanas (engaged in performing a sacrifice) of Vraja and others ascended to My realm in different Yugas, 0 sinless Uddhava ! Although they had never studied the Sruti texts, had never waited upon the most exalted ones (for the said purpose), had not observed any sacred vows nor practised any austerities, they (nevertheless) attained to Me through the fellowship of saints (alone). Through mere love indeed the cowherdesses and cows, (nay,) trees and antelopes, cobras and other dull-witted creatures accomplished the object of their life and easily attained to Me, whom one cannot reach (even) with (great) exertion through Yoga or Sankhya, liberality, sacred vows, austerities and sacrificial performances, exposition of sacred texts, study of the Vedas (or Japa of the Divine Name) and renunciation. ( When I was taken to Mathura alongwith Balarama by Akrura (the son of Swaphalka), the Gopis-whose mind was attached to Me through intense devotion and who suffered acute pangs of separation (from Me)-did not look upon anyone else than Me as a source of delight. Those very (autumnal) nights (of ineffable sweetness) which had (during the Rasa dance), been spent (by them) like half a second with Me, the highest object of their love when I was present (by their side) in (the woods of) Vrindavana, hung heavy on them like a Kalpa (a thousand revolutions of the four Yugas) now that they were. bereft of Me, 0 loved one With their mind fastened on to Me with (chords of) love they were no longer conscious of their own people or (even) of their (own) self, much less of this world or the next-any more than sages lost in Yogic trance are conscious of (this world consisting of) names and forms-and merged into (become one with) Me like rivers that lose themselves in the waters of the ocean. Full of passion for Me, thinking Me (only) as their lover, nay, paramour, women (divine (of Vraja) in their hundreds and thousands, who did not know My character, attained to Me, the supreme Brahma, through the fellowship of the essentialrighteous.)



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