Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 8 Chapter 17:1-13

Book 8: Chapter 17

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 8: Chapter 17: Verses 1-13
The Lord manifests Himself before Aditi and grants her desired boon

Sri Suka resumed: Thus instructed by her husband, the sage Kasyapa, the celebrated Aditi unweariedly and duly observed the aforesaid vow for twelve days consecutively, contemplating (all the time) on the almighty Lord, the supreme Person, with undivided intellect. Curbing the unruly horses in the shape of the senses with (the rein of) her mind and focussing the mind with her one-pointed reason on Lord Vasudeva, the Soul of all, Aditi, who had reason for her charioteer (guide), duly observed the vow of Payovrata. Before her (eyes) appeared, O dear Pariksit, (at the conclusion of her vow) the almighty Lord, the most ancient Person, who was clad in yellow, was endowed with four arms and bore a conch, a discus and a mace (in three of them). Seeing Him suddenly before her (very) eyes and overwhelmed with joy, resulting from love, she rose (from her seat) and reverently bowed (to Him) with her body lying prostrate on the ground. Rising (once again), she stood up with joined palms to glorify Him, but could not, her eyes flooded with tears of joy, and remained quiet, her body bristling all over with hair standing on end and her limbs shaking with excessive joy at His sight. In a faltering voice, O jewel of the Kurus, that heavenly lady, Aditi, (who had in the meantime recovered a bit) lovingly and slowly extolled Sri Hari (While doing so) she stood looking up (Sri Hari evidently standing in the air before her) as though drinking with her eyes the (said) Spouse of Rama (Goddess Laksmi), the Lord (bestowing the fruit) of sacrifices and the Ruler of the universe.

Aditi prayed: O Bestower of the fruit of sacrifices, O Soul of sacrifices, O immortal, most ancient and almighty Lord, whose (very) feet enable one to cross the ocean of mundane existence, (nay,) whose glory (itself) sanctifies the world, whose name is (most) auspicious to hear and who manifests Himself in order to relieve the distress of those that take refuge in Him, (pray,) bring happiness to us; for You are the Protector of the distressed. Hail to You, Sri Hari, the infinite Lord, who for the coming into existence, continuance and dissolution of the universe assume of Your own accord the Gunas of Maya (wielding infinite power), (nay,) who constitute the universe (itself) and are established in Your own Self and in whose being (the darkness of) ignorance stands dispersed by perfect and evershining wisdom. From You, when You are pleased, O infinite Lord, are got by men the longest life (the life of Brahma, extending to 31,10, 40, 00,00,00,000 human years), a body of the desired type, unequalled wealth, (dominion of) heaven, earth and the nether worlds, all the powers of Yoga, (all) the three objects of human pursuit (viz., religious merit, worldly possessions and gratification of the senses) as well as immediate perception of the truth, to say nothing of such (trivial) blessings as the subjugation of enemies. Sri Suka continued: Thus hymned by Aditi, O king, Lord Visriu (the lotus-eyed One), the inner Controller of all created beings, actually replied as follows, O scion of Bharata. The glorious Lord said: O mother of gods, your long-cherished desire is thoroughly known to Me, which relates to (the welfare of) your sons, whose 'wealth has been usurped by their enemies (the Asuras), (nay,) who have been driven away from their home. You wish to live with your sons when they have retrieved their triumphal glory after utterly and finally defeating those vainglorious Asura chiefs.



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