Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 1 Chapter 11:1-14

Book 1: Chapter 11

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 1: Chapter 11: Verses 1-14
Sri Krsna's Departure to Dwaraka

Suta continued : Reaching His highly prosperous territory of Anarta, Sri Krsna blew His great conch (Pancajanya) to soothe as it were the grief of His people (caused by His long absence). Being thus blown, the conch, with its white bulb turned red on account of its contact with the rosy lips of the almighty Lord, shone resplendent in His lotus palms like a loudly singing swan perched on a pair of red lotuses. Hearing that (familiar) blast, which scared away the terror of the world, the entire population (of Dwaraka) sallied forth to meet[1] Him, longing to see their lord. They respectfully brought their presents to the Lord-who rejoiced in His own Self and was ever perfect in His own inherent bliss-even as one would offer lights to the sun-god (the ultimate source of all light); and, their countenance beaming with joy, they addressed Him, the friend and protector of all, in a voice choked with delight, even as children would speak to their father :

"O Lord, we ever bow down before Your lotus-feet, adored even by Brahma (the Creator), Lord Siva (Brahma's son) and Indra (the ruler of the gods), the supreme resort of those aspiring for the highest bliss (final beatitude) and beyond the realm of Kala (the Time-Spirit), the supreme Ruler (of all created beings). Be pleased to promote our happiness, O Creator of the universe; for You are our mother and disinterested friend, our lord and father; nay, You are our true preceptor and supreme Deity; we have become blessed by serving You. Oh, how fortunate are we in having You as our lord, since we behold Your lovely form, the abode of all charms, and Your countenance with its loving smiles and affectionate looks, a rare sight even for the gods residing in heaven ! O Whenever, O Lord with lotus eyes, You depart for Hastinapura (the capital of the Kurus) or to Mathura (the capital of the Madhus) to see Your friends and relations, every moment that passes without You appears to us as long as a myriad years; and we feel as miserable as eyes without the sun, O Acyuta".O Hearing the words (of praise) uttered by the people (of Dwaraka), the Lord, who is so fond of His devotees, entered the city, extending His grace to all through His looks. Even as the city of Bhogavati (the capital of the region of Patala) is guarded by the Nagas (a race of serpents, that are capable of assuming any shape they like), the city of Dwaraka was protected by the Madhus, the Bhojas, the Dasarhas, the Arhas, the Kukuras, the Andhakas and the Vrsnis-branches of the Yadava race, who were their own equals in strength (were equalled by none). It was adorned with lotus-lakes that were surrounded by orchards, gardens and parks full of sacred trees and arbours rich in all the products of every season. The gates of the city and the palaces as well as the thoroughfares were adorned with festoons as a mark of festivity. The city was further decorated with flags and banners of various shapes and designs, the fluttering ends of which intercepted the sun here and there. Its highways, streets, bazars and quadrangles had been thoroughly cleaned and sprinkled with scented water and were strewn with fruits, flowers, unbroken rice and sprouts (that had been rained on the Lord as something auspicious).



  1. [564] B. M. 5-

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