Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 38:1-10

Book 10: Thirty-eight Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 38: Verses 1-10
Akrura's arrival (in Vraja)

Sri Suka began again : Having spent that night[1] at Mathura (the city founded by the demon Madhu), the high-minded Akrura too mounted a chariot and drove to Nanda's Vraja. Proceeding along the road the highly blessed one developed supreme devotion to the lotus-eyed Lord and thought as follows adopting the following line of reasoning:- "What noble act has been performed, (nay,) what supreme austerity has been gone through or again what gift has been bestowed on a worthy recipient by me, by virtue of which I am going to behold Sri Krsna (the Protector of even Brahma and Lord Siva) ? I consider it as difficult for me-whose mind is given to sensuous pleasures-to gain the sight of Lord Sri Krsna of excellent renown as a recital of the Vedas is for one born of Sudra parents. (Rather) I should not think like that. Even to me, a vile creature, the sight of Sri Krsna, (the immortal Lord) must be vouchsafed; (for, though) borne away by the stream of Time, one may get to the shore (the end of mundane existence) some time. (All) my evil has been destroyed today; nay, my birth too has become fruitful in that I shall bow to the lotus-feet of the almighty Lord, that are fit to be meditated upon by Yogis (those given to contemplation).
Ah, Kamsa has done me a great favour today; (for) despatched by him (to Vraja) I shall behold the lotus- feet of Sri Hari, descended in the world of matter-feet by the splendour of whose spherical nails people in the past have got over the darkness of ignorance, so difficult to cross over, (nay) which are adored by gods headed by Brahma and Lord Siva (the Source of the universe), by the divine Sri (the goddess of beauty and prosperity) as well as by sages and devotees; which move about in the forest along with their followers for the purpose of pasturing the cows, and which are tinged with the saffron paint on the bosom of cowherd women. I shall surely behold the countenance of Sri Krsna (the Bestower of Liberation) with lovely cheeks and a shapely nose and with reddish lotus-like eyes casting smiling glances, and overhung by curly locks; for the deer walk to my right indeed.[2] If there comes about today a meeting with Lord Visnu, the home of loveliness, who has of His own free will assumed a human semblance for relieving the burden of the earth, there is no denying the fact that my eyes will have easily attained the fruit of their existence.)



  1. This has reference to verse 40 of Discourse XXXVI above.
  2. According to the science of omens this is considered to be a propitious omen as is borne out by the following verse:---

    प्रदक्षिणगता: श्रेष्ठा यात्रायां मृगपक्षिण।

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