Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 38:11-17

Book 10: Thirty-eight Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 38: Verses 11-17

He is the Spectator of the cause as well as of the effect, though (entirely) free from egotism; in Him ignorance (veiling one's real character) as well as the notion of difference (resulting from it) and the misconception arising from such a notion stand eliminated by His own effulgence (in the form of eternal realization of His own essential character) and He is seen (sporting) in arbours (or the dwellings of the Gopis of Vraja) in the company of Jivas (embodied souls) endowed with the vital principle, senses and mind and evolved in His own Self by His Maya (creative energy) under His own supervision. (Nay,) utterances connected with His excellences (compassion etc.), exploits and descents that wipe out the sins of all and are attended with (all) excellent blessings actually give (new) life and grace and lend sanctity to the universe while those removed from them are (though adorned with figures of speech and other elegances) considered to be as good as a (finely dressed and well-adorned) corpse. Descended, as I understand in the race of the Satvatas (Yadus) in order to bring happiness to the foremost of the immortals maintaining the ethical standards set up by Himself, the same Lord is living (at present) in Vraja, spreading (far and wide) His glory which the gods (ever) celebrate in song as the source of all blessings.
I shall surely behold today that very Lord, who is the goal of exalted souls and the preceptor (of the whole universe) and exhibits a form which is loved by (all) the three worlds, provides a grand feast to those that have eyes and is the coveted Abode of Sri (the goddess of beauty and prosperity); (for) all these mornings have revealed good omens to me. Alighted from the chariot immediately afterwards, I the feet of the almighty Lords (of the universe), the foremost Persons (Balarama and Sri Krsna)-which are (only) cherished in their mind by (great) Yogis for Self-Realization (but are never seen by them)-and along with Them I shall greet Their friends (the cowherd boys) as well as the (other) inhabitants of Vraja (consisting mainly of a woodland). Will the Lord place on my head, when I am fallen at the soles of His feet, His own lotus-like palm, that has given assurances of safety to men terrified by the speed of the serpent of Time and seeking shelter (at His feet)? Placing articles of worship in (the hollow of) that palm, Kausika (a former Indra) attained the rulership of (all) the three worlds and pouring water into it the demon Bali (the celebrated demon king and devotee) secured (a title to) the sovereignty of the three worlds. Nay, it relieved by its (soft and fragrant) touch the fatigue of the women of Vraja during the Rasa-Play, emitting as it did the fragrance of a Saugandhika (a particular species of lotus, so-called because of its remarkable fragrance).



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