Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 9 Chapter 12:1-16

Book 9: Chapter 12

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 9: Chapter 12: Verses 1-16
The genealogy of (the remaining kings of) Ikswàku's line

Sri Suka resumed : Now, Kua's son was Atithi, of whom was born Nisadha and the latter's son was Nabha. Then came Pundarika, whose son was Ksemadhanva; and from (the loins of) the latter sprang up Devanika. Of Devanika was born Aniha and his son was Pariyatra. From (the loins of) the latter sprang up Balasthala and of the latter was born Vajranabha, who emanated from (a ray of) the sun-god. His son was Khagana and of the latter was born a son, Vidhrti (by name). From (the loins of) Vidhrti sprang up Hiraryanabha, a teacher of Yoga and a pupil of the sage Jaimini. From him the sage Yajnavalkya of Kosala received instruction in Yoga relating to the Spirit, (which is) conducive to great elevation and capable of snapping the knot of ignorance existing in the heart. Hiranyanabha's son was Pusya, of whom Dhruvasandhi was born. Then came Sudarsana; from Sudarsana, Agnivarna and from the latter sprang up Sighra, whose son was Maru. He is the same (Maru) who, having attained perfection through Yoga, stays (even to this day) as an inhabitant of Kalapagrama (a famous colony of Yogis in an obscure part of the Himalayas), and will revive the solar dynasty, when extinct, at the end of the Kali age. From (the loins of) Maru sprang up Prasusruta, whose son was Sandhi and the son of Sandhi, again, was Amarsana. The tatter's son was Mahaswan, of whom Viswasahva was born. Of him was born Prasenajit and from (the loins of) the latter sprang up Taksaka; and of the latter was born Brhadbala, who was slain in battle (O Pariksit!) by your father (Abhimanyu). These are all the past kings of Ikswaku's line; (now) hear (the names) of the coming ones. Brhadbala's son will be named Brhadrana, of whom will be born urukriya and from (the loins of) the latter will spring up Vatsavrddha. Of the latter will be born Prativyoma; from Prativyoma Bhanu and from him will follow Divaka, a (great) general. Of him will be born the valiant Sahadeva. Brhadawa will be the son of Sahadeva and Bhanuman, of Brhadaswa. Bhanuman's son will be Pratikaswa and the latter's son will be Supratika. Then will follow Marudeva; from Marudeva, Sunaksatra and Sunaksatra's son will be Puskara, Puskara's son will be Antariksa; Antariksa's son will be Sutapa and the latter's Amitrajit. Again, Brhadraja will be the son of Amitrajit; Barhi of Brhadraja and from the latter will follow Krtanjaya. His son will be Rananjaya and from (the loins of) Rananjaya will spring up Sanjaya. From the latter will follow Sakya; from Sakya, Suddhoda and his son will be called Langala. Of him will be born Prasenajit and from Prasenajit will follow Ksudraka. From (the loins of) Ksudraka will spring up Ranaka and of the latter will be born a son, Suratha (by name). From Suratha will follow a son, Sumitra by name, who will be the last of his line. These are (all) the scions of Brhadbala. This race of the Ikswakus will have its end in Sumitra; for, having reached this king, the line will actually terminate in the Kali Yuga.

Thus ends the twelfth discourse, "A genealogy of (the remaining kings of) lkswaku's line" in Book Nine of the great and glorious Bhagavata-Purana, otherwise known as the Paramahamsa-Samhita.


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