Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 9 Chapter 13:1-10

Book 9: Chapter 13

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 9: Chapter 13: Verses 1-10
The posterity of Nimi describe

Sri Suka began again After commencing a sacrificial session King Nimi, son of lkswaku, invited the sage Vasistha to be the (chief) priest. He too replied, "I have already been invited by Indra (to conduct his sacrifice), O king ! I shall (therefore) return after concluding that; (please) what for me till then". The householder (sacrificer, King Nimi) kept silent and the sage too (left for heaven and) conducted the sacrificial performance of lndra. Knowing all this (his life and everything connected with it) to be evanescent, the thoughtful Nimi proceeded with the sacrificial session with the help of other priests and continued it till his preceptor (the sage Vasistha) did not return. Coming back after concluding the sacrifice and perceiving the indecorum on the part of his disciple (King Nimi), the sage Vasistha cursed the latter (in the following words):- "Let the body of Nimi, who regards himself (very) learned, fall I" Nimi (as well) pronounced a counter-curse on his preceptor, who had acted unrighteously (in the eyes of, Nimi), saying:-"Let your body too fall because of your not knowing what is right on account of greed." With these words, Nimi, (who was) well-versed in spiritual lore, gave up his ghost; while the sage (my ancestor) was reborn of the gods Mitra and Varuna through Urvasi (a celestial nymph). Placing the body of Nimi in balms (with a view to preserving it), the foremost of the sages (who were conducting the sacrificial session on behalf of Nimi) said to the gods assembled there, after the conclusion of the sacrificial session (as follows): "Let this (dead) body of King Nimi come back to life, if you are pleased, 0 gods !" When the gods said 'Amen', (the spirit of) Nimi spoke aloud, "Let me not be imprisoned in a body (again). Stricken with the fear of separation, sages do not long for union with a body and worship the lotus-feet of Sri Hari (devotion to whom dispels the fear of transmigration). I (too therefore) am not eager to get (back) a body, which brings in its train suffering, grief and fear and because of which death threatens the Jiva everywhere, as, it follows the fish in water."



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