Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 3 Chapter 13:1-17

Book 3: Chapter 13

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 3: Chapter 13: Verses 1-17
The Lord's Descent as the Divine Boar

Sri Suka continued: On hearing thi most sacred discouse from the lips of the sage (Maitreya), who was proceeding withh the same, O king, Vidura made the following enquiry again, fond as he was of hearing the stories of Bhagavan Sri Krsna (son of Vasudeva). Vidura said : Having secured a spouse after his own heart 0 sage, what did Emperor Swayambhuva, the beloved son of Brahma (the self-born), do next? Full of reverence as I am, please narrate to me, 0 most pious Maitreya, the story of that royal sage, the first sovereign (of the globe), since he had taken refuge in Viswaksena (Lord Visnu, lit., the universal lord or He who exerts His power all round). (3) The highest reward, commended by the wise, of learning acquired by men with great pains extending over a long period, is to hear the praises of those who have installed the lotus-feet of Lord Sri Krsna (the Bestower of Liberation) in their heart. Sri Suka went on : When Vidura, who was full of modesty and had had the honour of bearing in his lap the feet of Sri Krsna (who was no other than the thousand-headed Purusa), spoke thus and urged Maitreya to the narration of the Lord's stories, the sage's hair stood erect and he replied to him as follows. Maitreya said : When Swayambhuva Manu came into existence with his consort (Satarupa), he bowed respectfully to Brahma ( the repository of the Vedas) and addressed him thus with joined palms : "You are the one (undisputed) father-progenitor as well as sustainer-of all living beings. Yet in what way can we, your children, be of service to you? We make obeisance to you, O praiseworthy father; from among duties we may be found capable of kindly prescribe that by discharging which we may enjoy celebrity all round in this world and a happy destiny in the other." Brahma replied : May all be well with both of you, O sovereign of the globe. I am pleased .with you, my son, since with a guileless heart you have of your own accord surrendered yourself to me with the words "Enjoin me (what to do)." The way in which sons should offer worship to their father, my valiant son, is only this that, free from jealousy (towards their brothers), they should reverently and dutifully carry out his behest to the best of their ability. Begetting, through her, issues that may prove to be your compeers in virtues, therefore, rule over the earth with righteousness and worship the Supreme Person through sacrificial performances. The best service you will be doing to me will be through the governance of the people, 0 ruler on men. Lord Sri Hari (the Controller of the senses) will be pleased with you when He sees you looking after your subjects. Their labours prove of little avail, who fail to win the pleasure of Lord Janardana, who reveals Himself in the form of sacrifices; for that way they disregard their own self (who is no other than the Lord). Manu said : I shall abide by your command, O destroyer of sin! Kindly assign an abode to me as well as to my progeny, my lord. The terrestrial globe, which is the abode of all living beings, stands submerged in the vast expanse of water. Efforts should be made, my lord, to recover the goddess (Earth). Maitreya continued : Finding the earth submerged in water, as at the time of final dissolution, Brahma taxed his brain for a long time as to how he should be able to lift her up. "Even as I was engaged in pushing on the work of creation," he said to himself, "the earth, which was all the time being washed by the waters, sank to the lowest depths. Now what should be done in the matter by us, who have been charged with the work of creation? Let the Lord, from whose heart (thought) I sprang, contrive some device for me."



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