Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 3:1-12

Book 10: Third Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 2: Verses 1-12
Advent of Lord Sri Krsna

Sri Suka resumed : Now came the most delightful hour, fraught with all blessings, when precisely the asterisk Rohini (presided over by Brahma, son of the birthless Lord Visnu) was at the ascendant and when (the rest of) the asterisks, planets and (other) stars bore a gentle aspect. The quarters became clear (of clouds as though it were autumn, although the rainy season had not yet ended); while the firmament was marked with the presence of multitudes of stars shining unobscured. The earth was seen with its towns, villages, stations of cowherds and mines full of festivities. The rivers flowed in a limpid stream; ponds bloomed with lotuses; rows of forest-trees laden with bunches of flowers rang with the sweet noise of birds and swarms of bees. A hallowed breeze (coming as it did from the direction of the holy Yamuna) and wafting a sweet fragrance, blew delightful to the touch; the sacred fires of the twice-born (that had been extinguished due to Kamsa's persecution) burst into flames (automatically) on the occasion. The minds of the righteous became cheerful oppressed as they had been by the demons. When that birthless Lord was about to be born kettledrums sounded (of themselves) in heaven. At that time Kinnaras and Gandharvas sang,Siddhas and Caranas uttered praises and Vidyadhara women danced with celestial nymphs.
Full of joy, sages and gods showered flowers and clouds gently rumbled after the manner of the (roaring) ocean. When midnight enveloped in (thick) darkness came and when people's prayer (for His descent) began, Lord Visnu, the Indweller of all hearts, manifested Himself in His entirety through Devaki-who possessed a form similar to that of a goddess (being an incarnation of Aditi, the mother of the gods)-even as the full moon would appear in the eastern horizon. Vasudeva beheld that extraordinary boy with lotus-like eyes, endowed with four arms wielding uplifted weapons (and other emblems) such as a conch, a mace and a discus; bearing on his bosom the mark of Srivatsa (a golden curl of hair characteristic of Lord Visnu); clad in yellow (silk); possessing the charm of a cloud laden with moisture, with the Kaustubha gem shining at His neck and His profuse locks bathed in the splendour of His diadem and ear-rings studded with precious cat's-eyes, and highly resplendent with an exquisite girdle, armlets and bangles etc. Plunged in joy to behold Sri Hari as his (own) son and with his eyes wide open through wonder (at the appearance of the all-pervading Lord through the womb of his wife, Devaki, even though he was bound inwardly with the shackles of ignorance and outwardly by the fetters of Kamsa), Vasudeva mentally gave away on that (auspicious) occasion ten thousand cows to Brahmanas in his hurry to celebrate the descent of Sri Krsna (Lord Visnu). Concluding the boy, (who was) illuminating the lying-in-chamber with His (own) splendour, to be (no other than) Lord Visnu (the Supreme Person), 0 scion of Bharata, Vasudeva, who was aware of the Lord's greatness and whose fear was (completely) gone, now proceeded to glorify Him with a guileless mind and joined palms, his body bent low (with humility).



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