Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 9 Chapter 10:1-9

Book 9: Chapter 10

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 9: Chapter 10: Verses 1-9
An account of Sri Rama's pastimes

Sri Suka resumed : From (the loins of) Khatwanga sprang up Dirghabahu (the long-armed one), of whom was born Raghu of wide renown. From (the loins of) the latter sprang up the great king Aja, of whom Dasaratha was born. Again entreated by the gods, Lord Sri Hari Himself (who has already been seen by you in your mother's womb and) who is (entirely) constituted of Brahma (the Absolute), assumed the role of a son to (the blessed) Dasaratha-appearing in (as many as) four forms under the names of Sri Rama, Bharata, Laksmana and Satrughna-Himself in His entirety and His brothers as His part manifestation. The story in the form of a chronicle of the aforesaid Sri Rama (the Spouse of Sita) has (already) been narrated in detail, 0 Pariksit, by seers (like Valmiki) who had realized the truth, and has undoubtedly been heard by you time- and again. (I shall accordingly content myself with reproducing it only in a nutshell.) Having abandoned for the sake of (redeeming the pledge of) His father (King Dasaratha) (His title to) kingship, He roamed about from forest to forest by His lotus-feet, which were too soft (even) for the touch of the (petal-like) hands of His beloved Consort (Sita), His fatigue from the journey being relieved (now and again) by (the blessed) Hanuman (the monkey chief) and His own younger brother (Laksmana, who accompanied Him to the forest and kneaded His feet and other limbs alongwith Hanuman). (The deity presiding over) the ocean was terrified by the (very) display of His brows knit in anger excited by the (grievous) separation from His Darling (Sita), which had been brought about by the mutilation of Surpanakha (sister of Ravana, the demon king of Lanka, so-called because she had nails as big as a winnowing basket, nay, whose nose and ears were chopped off by Laksmana at the instance of Sri Rama, an incident which provoked Ravana to steal away Sita in the absence of Sri Rama and Laksmana). May that Lord of Kosala (Oudh)-who (subsequently) caused a bridge to be built across the sea and exterminated the host of wicked demons (including Ravana) even as a wild fire consumes a (whole) forest-protect us! (Earlier) in the course of a sacrificial performance of the sage Viswamitra, Marica and other demon chiefs, who roamed about (and carried on their nefarious activities) at night, were beaten by Him (all alone), Laksmana standing (aloof) as a mere spectator. Picking up in the midst of an assembly of world-renowned heroes the formidable bow of Lord Siva, lying in a hall (specially) built for the choice-marriage of Princess Sita and brought (conjointly) by three hundred men, He strung it and, (then) drawing it, broke it in the middle, 0 protector of men, as sportfully as an immature elephant would snap a stick of sugar-cane! Having won (as the prize for his feat of valour). Sri (the goddess of beauty and prosperity)- whose virtues, disposition, age, limbs and appearance (eminently) matched His, (nay,) who (in the form of a golden streak) had (already) secured an honourable place on His bosom and who (now) bore the name of Sita--He tamed, while on His way (back of Ayodhya) the overgrown pride of Parasurama (the chief of the Bhrgus), who had thrice seven times swept the earth clean (even) of the seed of the Ksatriya race. The Lord accepted with His head bent low the command of even His uxorious father (King Dasaratha), who was bound by the cords of truthfulness, and, relinquishing (His claim to) the throne, (of Ayodhya), the (imperial) fortune, His loving relations (mother and so on), friends and dwelling-place--even as an ascetic (who has shaken off all attachment) would give up the ghost, left for the woods along-with His (divine) Spouse (Sita). (While in the forest) He mutilated the features of Surpanakha (the sister of the demon king) a woman of unclean mind, slew her kinsmen, numbering (not less than) fourteen thousand, Khara, Dusana and Trisira being the foremost (of them), and roaming about with an irresistible bow in His hand, led a hard life (in order to teach a lesson to humanity).



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