Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 11 Chapter 7:1-12

Book 11: Chapter 7

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 11: Chapter 7: Verses 1-12

The glorious Lord began again : That alone which you have asked Me (to do), 0 highly blessed one, (in verse 42 of Discourse VI above) is intended by Me. Brahma (the creator), Lord Siva (the Source of the universe) and the (other) guardians of the spheres (too) long for My presence in heaven. Indeed I have wholly accomplished the purpose of the gods (viz., the removal of the earth's burden) for which, as requested by Brahma, I descended on this earth with My part manifestation (Balarama). This race (of Yadu), which (is the only surviving burden on the earth and) has (already) been consumed by the curse (of the Brahmanas) will surely perish through mutual strife; (and) on the seventh day the sea will overflow and submerge this city (of Dwaraka). The moment this (mortal) world is forsaken by Me it will be assailed by Kali (the Dark Age) and before long, 0 pious one, all its auspiciousness will be gone. You should in no case live on this terrestrial globe when abandoned by Me; for the Kali age having set in (then), 0 good Uddhava, people will conceive a liking for unrighteous ways. Completely shaking off all attachment for your own people and kinsmen and fully concentrating your mind on Me, for your part, go you about the earth looking upon all with an equal eye. Whatever is being apprehended with the mind, speech, eyes, ears etc., know it to be a creation of the mind and therefore (merely) illusory and transient. A man with an unsteady (wandering) mind falls a prey to misapprehension consisting in the perception of diversity,which (in its turn) leads to the sense of good and evil; and in the eyes of an individual having the notion of good and evil there exists the distinction of prescribed action, inaction and prohibited action. Therefore, having controlled your mind and senses, visualize this world (of senses) as projected in the Self and see your own self existing in Me, the Supreme Lord (as one with Me). Possessed of knowledge (of the meaning of the Vedas) and realization (of what has been taught by them) and with your mind sated through Self-Realization and becoming one with the self of (all) embodied beings, you will no longer be baulked by (any) impediments. He who has transcended the sense of good and evil does not refrain from wrong-doing because he perceives any evil in it; nor does he perform prescribed duties because he thinks well of it; he (merely) acts (by force of habit) like a child (whose actions are never premeditated). He who has gained certitude about the Self through knowledge (of the true spirit of the Vedas) coupled with realization (of the Truth), who is a friend to all created beings, who is full of peace, and who beholds the universe as one with Me, never undergoes suffering (in the form of transmigration).



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