Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 5 Chapter 2:1-9

Book 5: Chapter 2

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 5: Chapter 2: Verses 1-9
An account of Agnidhra

Sri Suka began again : His father (Priyavrata) being thus engaged (in the practice of Devotion), Agnidhra, who followed his commands, duly protected the people of Jambudwipa as his own progeny, keeping his eye on Dharma (righteousness). Seeking (an abode in) the realm of the manes (i.e., desirous of getting a worthy son), he collected (all) the requisites for worship and with (deep) concentration of mind and asceticism adored the glorious Brahma (the ruler of lords of created beings) in a valley of Mount Mandara (the pleasure-ground of celestial damsels). Having come to know this, the glorious Brahma (the foremost of all created beings) sent down (to him) an Apsara (celestial nymph), Purvacitti by name, who used to sing in his court. There was a most delightful garden attached to his hermitage. It contained ponds and lakes (full of lotus beds) that charmingly resounded with the cries of waterfowls, Karandavas (a species of ducks), swans and the like, that were awakened (in their turn) by the notes uttered by pairs of land birds perched on golden creepers intertwined with the boughs of densely-growing trees of every description; and Purvacitti sauntered about that garden.

The steps she took in the course of her exceedingly graceful stroll exhibited the charm of her gait and at her every pace the beautiful ornaments she wore about her feet made a jingling sound, hearing which the prince slightly opened both his eyes-resembling a pair of lotus buds-till now closed in the practice of deep meditation, and espied her. Like a female honey-bee the celestial damsel was enjoying the (sweet) odour of flowers not very far (from him), and carving a passage for Love (using flowers for his weapons) into the minds of men by (the witchery of) her gait, sport, bashful and modest-glances, musical voice and (graceful) limbs-all ravishing the mind and eyes of (both) gods and men. And her full breasts, head of hair and girdle were thrown into a state of charming agitation as she walked with quick paces, when assailed by swarms of honey-bees maddened by the sweet fragrance of (her breath in the form of) words-accompanied with a smile-that escaped from her mouth and which were (sweet) as nectar and (inebriating as) wine. The prince succumbed to the dominating influence of the most powerful god of love-who had found an open door to his heart the moment the prince saw her-and addressed her like a dunce in the following words:- "Who are you and what do you intend to do on this hill, O great sage ? Are you the inscrutable Maya (deluding potency) of the all-powerful Supreme Deity? (Pointing to her eyebrows) 0 friend ! do you wield that pair of stringless bows for your own protection or are you in search of (some) unwary game (creatures like me, who have no control over their senses) in the forest ? (Pointing to her like sidelong glances) These two arrows of your worshipful self, winged as they are with lotus-petals (in the shape of eyes), are (very) gentle and lovely (even) without hilt, yet extremely sharp-pointed. We wonder whom you intend to aim them at, wandering as you do in the forest. May this expedition (valour) of yours conduce to the good of us dull-witted creatures. (Pointing to the bees hovering about her) These pupils of your worshipful self are chanting about you the (hymns of) Samaveda alongwith the Upanisads (embodying its esoteric teaching) and incessantly glorifying the Lord (thereby). They (eagerly) resort to the showers of flowers dropped from your locks even as hosts of Rsis (holy sages) accept the recensions of the Veda traditionally followed by their own school.



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