Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 9 Chapter 5:1-13

Book 9: Chapter 5

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 9: Chapter 5: Verses 1-13
The story of Ambarisa (Concluded)

Sri Suka resumed : Thus directed by the Lord and scorched by His discus (Sud Ambarisa prayed : You are Agni (the god of fire) and the glorious sun-god; You are Soma (the moon-god), the lord of the (other) luminaries (lunar mansions). You are water, You are the earth and the sky, the air, the (five) objects of senses (viz., sound, touch, sight, taste and smell) and the senses (themselves). Hail to You, 0 Sudarsana, endowed with a thousand spokes and beloved of the immortal Lord ! 0 Destroyer of all (other) missiles, may You be propitious to the Brahmans (the sage Durvasa), 0 Protector of the earth ! You are righteousness; You are truthful and polite speech as well as the faculty of regarding all with the same eye; You are the Deity presiding over (all) sacrificial performances as well as the Enjoyer of all sacrifices. You are the Protector of the worlds and the Soul of the universe; (nay,) You are the transcendent effulgence of the supreme Person. (Altogether unable to glorify You) 0 Sunabha (a discus with a beautiful nave), I simply address the exclamation "Hail" to You, the Upholder of all virtues, a veritable fire to destroy demons given to unrighteousness, the protector of (all) the three worlds, possessed of purest effulgence, quick as thought and credited with marvellous deeds. By Your splendour, consisting of righteousness, the darkness (obscuring the vision) of great souls is dispelled and their light preserved. (Nay,) this (entire) creation, (both) manifest and unmanifest, high and low, is illuminated by You (in the form of the sun, the moon and so on). Unfathomable is Your glory, O Ruler of speech ! When, hurled by the Lord, who is (wholly) untainted (by ignorance etc.), You actually enter the force of the Daityas and the Danavas, 0 invincible One, You shine brightly in battle while unceasingly lopping off their arms, trunks, thighs, feet and necks. As such You, 0 Shield of the world, have been detailed by Lord visnu (the Wielder of a mace) for the extermination of the wicked, capable as You are of resisting all. Therefore, in order to bring good-luck to our race, (kindly) grant safety to this Brahmana (the sage Durvasa); for that would be an act of grace to us (in that it would save us from the sin of being an instrument in the death of a Brahmana). If gift was (ever) made (by us) or a sacrifice (duly) performed or our allotted duty satisfactorily performed, and if our race has looked upon the Brahmana as a deity, let the Brahmana be relieved of his distress (as a reward for such a gift, sacrifice or the due performance of a duty). (Nay,) if the Lord, (who is) the one abode of all excellences, is pleased with us by virtue of our looking on all living beings as His own, embodiments, let the Brahmana be rid of his trouble. Sri Suka continued : While the emperor (Ambarisa) was thus hymning Sudarsana, the said discus of Lord Visnu, which had (hitherto) been scorching the Brahmana (Durvasa) on all sides, cooled down at the king's entreaty. Rid of the (burning) heat of the fire of the missile (Sudarsana), Durvasa now felt relieved and applauded the emperor (in the following words), pronouncing the highest blessings on him.



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