Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 25:1-14

Book 10: Twenty-five Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 24: Verses 1-14
The Lord lifts up Mount Govardhana

Sri Suka began again : Then, coming to know of his worship having been stopped, 0 Protector of men, the aforesaid Indra became angry with Nanda and the other Gopas, who looked upon Sri Krsna as their Protector. The indignant Indra mobilized the host of destructive clouds known as the Samvartaka host (so-called because it is ordinarily released only during the period of dissolution of the universe), and issued the following command, regarding himself as he did to be the supreme ruler:- "Oh, the greatness of pride-begotten of wealth-of the cowherds dwelling in the forest, who have despised a divinity (in my person), depending as they do on Krsna a (mere) mortal ! Even as those devoted to rituals seek to cross the ocean of mundane existence by recourse to sacrificial performances consisting of rituals passing for boats in name alone and (wholly) undependable, giving up the signs of self-realization, so having taken shelter under Krsna--a garrulous, foolish, arrogant and ignorant mortal, though thinking himself to be a great scholar the cowherds: have given offence to me. Get rid of the stiffness-caused by pride of wealth-of these Gopas, who have grown arrogant through affluence and whose mind has been puffed up by Krsna; and bring their cattle to destruction.
Riding my elephant, Airavata, I too am following upon your heels to Vraja along with the wind-gods, who are possessed of great prowess, with intent to annihilate to Nanda's Vraja." Sri Suka resumed : Thus commanded by Indra and completely freed from their binding chains (which had held them under check till the time of universal destruction), the clouds started tormenting Nanda's Vraja by their sharp driving showers with (great) violence. Shining brightly with flashes of lightning and roaring with (roiling) thunders and driven by tempestuous winds, they showered hail-stones. While the clouds were incessantly pouring forth torrents thick as columns, the earth being flooded by volumes of flowing water could not be seen with its distinction of high and low lands. Seized with a shiver through excessive driving showers and tempestuous gales and afflicted with cold, the cowherds and the cowherdesses sought Sri Krsna (the Protector of cows) as their refuge. Oppressed with the torrential downpour and fully covering their head as well as their children with their trunk, they sought shivering the soles of feet of the Lord (and prayed as follows):- "0 Krsna, 0 Enchanter of souls, 0 highly blessed Lord, be pleased to protect the bovine race, which has its protector in You (alone), as well as ourselves from the angry Indra, 0 Lover of Your devotees !" Perceiving the animals being beaten by severe hailstorm and getting benumbed, Sri Hari understood it to be the work of the indignant Indra.



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