Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 3 Chapter 24:1-19

Book 3: Chapter 24

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 3: Chapter 24: Verses 1-19
Descent of Lord Kapila

Maitreya resumed : When Devahuti (the daughter of Swayambhuva Manu), who was worthy of all praise, spoke such words, full of dispassion, the merciful sage recalled the words of Lord Visnu and replied (as follows). (t) The sage said : Worry not about yourself, O princess of irreproachable conduct. The immortal Lord will enter your womb at no distant date. You have undertaken sacred vows, God bless you. Hence do you adore the Lord with reverence through control of the senses and religious observances as well as through austere penance and charitable gifts of money. Propitiated by you, Lord Visnu will be born as a son to you, thereby spreading my renown too, and will cut the knot of ignorance (in the form of self-identification with the material sheaths), existing in your heart, by instructing you in the knowledge of the Spirit. Maitreya went on : Reposing full faith in the message of the sage Kardama (a lord of created beings), out of great regard for him, Devahuti too betook herself to the worship of the immutable Supreme Person as the Preceptor of the world. After a pretty long time Lord Visnu (the Slayer of the demon Madhu) manifested Himself first through the generative fluid of Kardama and then through Devahuti, even as fire appears through firewood. At the time of His descent on earth gods in the form of raining clouds sounded musical instruments (in the shape of thunder-claps) in the sky; the Gandharvas (celestial musicians) sang praises to Him; while Apsaras (celestial nymphs) danced through joy: Heavenly flowers rained by the gods flying in the air dropped (from the heavens); and all the quarters as well as the waters (of lakes, rivers etc.) and the minds of the people too became clear. Brahma (the self-born) went along with Marici and the other sages to that (celebrated) hermitage of Kardama surrounded by the river Saraswati. Brahma, who is naturally possessed of true wisdom, already knew that the Lord, who is no other than the supreme Brahma, had descended through pure Sattva for imparting the knowledge of the Sankhya system of philosophy (which determines the nature of the fundamental principles), O vanquisher of foes. Welcoming with a guileless mind the intention of the Lord, the creator spoke thus to Kardama and Devahuti with all his senses greatly delighted. Brahma said : You have truly worshipped me, dear son, in that you reverently carried out my behest, O respecter (of elders)! This is the service that ought to be rendered by the sons to their father, viz., that they should bow to the-command of their father with due . deference, saying "Very well !" These slender-waisted daughters of yours, my worthy child, will multiply this creation manifold through their descendants. Therefore, give away your daughters this very day to the foremost of the sages with due regard to the girls' temperament and liking, and thereby spread your fame all over the globe. I know the most ancient Person, the bestower of all boons on living beings, has descended through His own Maya (wonderful creative energy) in the person of Kapila, O Kardama. (Turning to Devahuti, he said,) with golden hair, lotus-like eyes and lotus-feet, whose soles bear the mark of a lotus, it is Lord Visnu (the Slayer of the demon Kaitabha) who has been born of you, O Devahuti (daughter of Swayambhuva Manu), to tear up the roots of Karma (in the form of latent desires) through the instrumentality of Sastriya knowledge and realization. Having cut the knot of ignorance and misapprehension, He will roam about the earth. He will be the Lord of the Siddhas, held in great esteem by the teachers of the Sankhya system of philosophy. He will be known all over the world by the name of Kapila and will spread your fame.



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