Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 3 Chapter 24:20-34

Book 3: Chapter 24

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 3: Chapter 24: Verses 20-34
Descent of Lord Kapila

Maitreya continued : Having thus reassured the couple, Brahma, the creator of the universe, rode on his mount, the swan, and returned to Satyaloka (the highest of the spheres stretching beyond the three worlds) along with Sanaka and his three brothers and accompanied by Narada (who are all lifelong celibates, leaving behind the other sages, Marici and the rest, so as to enable them to espouse the hand of Kardama's nine daughters). After the departure of Brahma, O Vidura, the sage Kardama immediately gave away his daughters to the lords of created beings (Marici and others), as directed by the creator, according to the injunctions of the Sastras. He gave (the hand of) Kala to Marici and Anasuya to Atri; Sraddha he gave away to Angira, and Havirbhu to Pulastya. He further gave Gati, who was worthy of Pulaha, to the latter and the virtuous Kriya to Kratu, Khyati to Bhrgu and even so Arundhati to Vasistha. And to Atharva he gave (the hand of) Santi, through whom a sacrifice is successfully accomplished. When they were duly married, Kardama propitiated these foremost sages as well as their wives (with kind attentions). Being thus married, the sages thereupon took leave of Kardama and departed, full of joy, each for his own hermitage. Having come to know that it was Lord Visnu Himself (who is possessed of three pairs of divine attributes, viz., power and affluence, piety and renown, wisdom and dispassion, in their entirety), the foremost of the gods, who had been born (as a son to him), the sage approached Him when He was all alone, and, bowing to Him, said : "Alas! on those who are burning in this hell of transmigration as a result of their own evil deeds, the gods shower their grace after a long time. Contrary to this, the Lord whose truth striving souls seek to realize in lonely places through concentrated practice of Devotion matured through many lives, and who promotes the cause of His devotees, has this time appeared in the house of sensual men like us, not minding the ignominy incident to such a birth. Intent on enhancing the dignity of His devotees, You have been born into my house just to redeem Your pledge and to found the Sankhya system (which leads to true Knowledge). O Lord, Your transcendent forms alone are worthy of You; even so the human semblances that appeal to Your own devotees are as well liked by You, even though You are devoid of a material form. I take refuge in You, whose footstool is always fit to be saluted by sages keen to know the Truth, and who are perfect in power and energy, wisdom and dispassion, fame and affluence. I take refuge in Kapila, the supreme Lord, who has all the potencies at His beck and call, who appears as Primordial Matter, the Spirit, the Mahat-tattva or the principle of cosmic intelligence, the Time-Spirlt, the threefold (Sattvika, Rajasika and Tamasika) Ego and the various spheres as well as their guardians, and then reabsorbs all these phenomena into Himself by virtue of His energy in the form of Consciousness and who is the all-witnessing Seer. Acquitted of the debt I owed to my father (Brahma, who had commanded me to marry and beget children), and having gained all my desires through You, I now take leave of You, the Lord of all created beings. Treading the path of recluses, I would roam (at will), free from sorrow, contemplating on You in my heart."



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