Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 8 Chapter 16:1-14

Book 8: Chapter 16

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 8: Chapter 16: Verses 1-14
The procedure of (observing the vow of) Payovrata disclosed to Aditi

Sri Suka resumed: On her sons having disappeared and on the (sphere of) heaven having been taken possession of by the Daityas (the sons of Diti), Aditi, the mother of the gods, now felt much distressed like a helpless woman. Having risen from Samadhi (abstract meditation) after a long time, the glorious sage Kasyapa (her husband) visited her hermitage, which was cheerless and bereft of joy. Suitably welcomed (by his wife, according to place and occasion) and having accepted a seat (offered by her), he spoke as follows to his wife (Aditi), who wore a melancholy aspect, O jewel among the Kurus ! I hope no harm has come to the Brahmanas in the world at present, O good lady, nor to (the cause of) righteousness nor (again) to the people, who (have to) follow the whims of Death. Or is there any hindrance, O mistress of the house, in the pursuit of piety, wealth or enjoyment, (experienced) in the life of a householder, where God-Realization can be attained (through the mere disinterested discharge of one's sacred duties) even by those who fail to practise Yoga, (contemplation on God)? Or did strangers, having unexpectedly called at your door on any occasion, return from your house unhonoured by you even with (the courtesy of) rising from your seat, while you remained engrossed in the duties and cares of your family? These houses are undoubtedly no better than the den of a leader of jackals if newcomers calling at their door go away unentertained even with water. May be the sacred fires were not fed with oblations at the proper time on some occasion, O good lady, by you, perturbed as you were in mind, O blessed one, due to my being away from home. The Brahmana and the (sacred) fire, by whose worship a householder attains to worlds that yield all one's desired objects, actually represent the mouth of Lord Visnu, the Soul of all the gods. Are all your sons faring well, O proud lady ? From outward signs (your facial expression etc.)

I perceive your mind not at ease. Aditi replied: All is well with the twice-born (the Brahmanas) and the cows, O holy sage; and so is virtue prospering, as well as this servant of yours. (And) this house (the life of a householder), O master of the house, is the best field for (the culture of all) the three objects of human pursuit-viz., religious merit, worldly possessions and gratification of the senses (and everything regarding them is going on smoothly). The sacred fires, strangers, servants, beggars and whoever else expect anything (from us) have (all) been (properly) fed by me. (In fact,) nothing is (found) lacking by virtue of my incessant thought of your worshipful self, O holy Brahmana ! indeed what desire of my mind, O holy one, would not be fulfilled, to whom you, O lord of created beings, teach my duties in this way ? (All) these created beings, (mainly) partaking as they do of Sattva (goodness), Rajas (passion) and Tamas (ignorance), are born of your mind and body alone, O son of the sage Marici I (Although) you are alike to them, the Asuras and others, yet (even) the supreme Lord is (particularly) attached to His devotees (alone).



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