Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 56:1-15

Book 10: Fifty-six Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 56: Verses 1-15

Thus ends the fifty-fifth discourse entitled "The story of Pradyumna's birth, in the latter half of Book Ten of the great and glorious Bhagavata-Purana, otherwise known as the Paramaharnsa-Samhita.

Discourse LVI The story of the Syamantaka gem; Sri Krsna weds Jambavati and Satyabhama Sri Suka began again : Having done a wrong (to Sri Krsna), Satrajit gave away to Sri Krsna of his own accord after due exertion his daughter (Satyabhama) alongwith the Syamantaka gem. The king (Pariksit) submitted : What wrong did Satrajit perpetrate against Sri Krsna, 0 holy one ? Wherefrom was the Syamantaka gem got by him and why did he give away his daughter to Sri Hari ? Sri Suka replied : The sun-god, though adorable in the eyes of Satrajit, his devotee, behaved as a loving friend to him. Pleased with him, the sun-god bestowed on him the Syamantaka gem. Wearing that gem about his neck and shining as the sun (because of that gem), he entered Dwaraka (presumably from his place of worship in the outskirts of the city) but could not be identified, 0 king, through his (dazzling) brilliance. Gazing at him from a distance, their eyes blinded with his splendour, and suspecting him to be the sun-god, people reported his arrival to the Lord, who was playing at dice (as follows):- "Hail to You, O Narayana, the Wielder of a conch, discus and mace ! 0 Lord, who (once) had a cord tied about Your abdomen (by mother Yasoda by way of punishment), 0 lotus-eyed One, 0 Protector of cows, 0 Scion of Yadu ! Dazzling the eyes of men with his rays, here comes the glorious sun-god with intent to see You, 0 Lord of the universe ! Indeed the foremost of the gods (Brahma and others) in the three worlds seek the way to You (but fail to find You). Having come to know You as living incognito at present among the Yadus, the sun-god (who is self-existent) comes to see You, 0 Lord." Sri Suka continued :
Sri Krsna (the lotus-eyed One) heartily laughed to hear the report of those unknowing persons and observed, "He is not the sun-god, it is (only) Satrap' glowing with his gem." Entering in state his own splendid residence, which had been consecrated as a mark of festivity, Satrajit caused the gem to be (duly) installed by Brahmanas in the apartment intended for gods. The gem, 0 lord, yielded from day to day gold weighing eight Bharas (equivalent to three maunds and five seers approximately). Famine, pestilence and (other) calamities, serpents, mental worries and bodily ailments and other evils and rogues no longer exist where the gem stands worshipped. Though solicited once by Sri Krsna (who thought that the king was the fittest person to possess such a wonderful gem), Satrajit, covetous as he was of wealth, did not hand it over to Ugrasena (the ruler of the Yadus), not foreseeing the (evil) consequences of rejecting the request (of Sri Krsna, the Supreme Person). Wearing that gem of surpassing lustre about his neck, one day, Prasena (brother of Satrajit) went about a hunting on horseback in the forest.



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