Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 4 Chapter 9:1-10

Book 4: Chapter 9

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 4: Chapter 9: Verses 1-10
Dhruva returns home after receiving a boon from the Lord

Maitreya went on : Thus rid of their fear, the gods bent their heads low to the Lord (who took very long strides during His descent as Vamana or the Divine Dwarf in order to measure the three paces of land granted to Him by the demon king Bali) and returned to heaven. The Lord (who in His cosmic form appears with numberless heads) also thereupon flew on the back of Garuda to Madhuvana with a longing to see His devotee (Dhruva). Dhruva saw that the form, brilliant as a flash of lightning, that was revealed in the lotus of his heart by an intellect sharpened by the ripeness of Yoga (concentration) had suddenly vanished, and (on opening his eyes) he beheld the same figure standing without. Struck with awe at His sight, the child (Dhruva) greeted Him by prostrating his body like a log on the ground. He gazed at Him as if he would drink Him with his eyes, kiss Him with his lips and clasp Him with his arms. Sri Had, who is enthroned in the heart of all and was (equally) present in that of Dhruva too, (readily) perceived that the child was eager to extol Him but knew not how to do it and stood (before Him) with joined palms. Hence He graciously touched his cheek with His conch, which is no other than Veda (appearing in a concrete form). Instantly blessed with divine speech conferred (on him by the Lord) and having realized the truth of the individual soul as well as of the Supreme Spirit, Dhruva, who was destined to have an eternal abode (in the shape-of the pole-star) calmly and devoutly proceeded to glorify the Lord, whose great renown is universally known. Dhruva said : Hail to You, the Glorious Person, the Wielder of all potencies, who, having entered my inner self (heart), awaken by Your glory my dormant speech and other organs such as hands, feet, ears, the tactile sense and soon. It is You alone, O Lord, who, having evolved the Mahat-tattva (the principle of cosmic intelligence) and all these other phenomena by Your own potency called Maya, consisting of the three Guias-which are capable of assuming multitudinous forms-enter them as their Inner Controller, and presiding over the illusory senses (which are mere transformations of the three Gunas) appear as many, though really one, even as fire appears diversified in relation to different pieces of wood. Through the vision conferred by You, O Lord, Brahma (who sought refuge in You) viewed this universe like one who has just woke from sleep. How can the soles of Your feet, the resort of even liberated souls, be forgotten by him who is conscious of Your benevolent acts.,O friend of the afflicted ? Their mind has surely been beguiled by Your Maya (deluding potency), who worship You-a veritable wish-yielding tree, capable of freeing one from (the bondage of) birth and death-for other purposes and hanker after the pleasures of sense, enjoyable by the body (which is no better than a corpse), and which can be had by living beings even in hell. The bliss Which is enjoyed by embodied souls through meditation on Your lotus-feet or by hearing the stories of Your devotees is not found even in Brahma (the Absolute), who is blissful in essence. How, then, could it be enjoyed by them (the gods) who are hurled from the aerial cars smashed by the sword of Death?



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