Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 9 Chapter 3:1-16

Book 9: Chapter 3

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 9: Chapter 3: Verses 1-16
The story of the sage Cyavana and his wife Sukanya

Sri Suka resumed : King Saryati, another son of Vaivaswata Manu, they say, was a master of the (highest) Truth, forming the subject-matter of the Vedas. It was he who authoritatively advised the ritualistic course of the second day at the sacrifice performed by the scions of the sage Angira. His daughter, Sukanya by name, had eyes beautiful as a pair of lotuses. Gone to the forest (one day) with that girl indeed, he happened to visit the hermitage of the sage Cyavana.(While) remarking the trees in a grove (of the hermitage), surrounded (accompanied) by her girl companions, she perceived in the hole of an ant-hill a pair of bright things like two fire-flies. Impelled by destiny, the girl in her childish innocence actually pricked the two bright things with a thorn and (Io!) a good deal of blood flowed from them. That very moment there ensued on this side the obstruction of stool and urine among the troops (that had escorted the king to that place). Astonished to discover this (phenomenon) the royal sage spoke to his men (as follows):- "Has any injury been wrought by you to the sage Cyavana (son of Bhrgu) ? Obviously his hermitage has been profaned by someone amongst us." Seized with fear, Sukanya (Saryati's daughter) submitted to her father, "Something (wrong) has been done by me. Ignorant as I was, two bright things have certainly been pierced by me with a thorn." Fear having been roused in him, on hearing that report (confession of his daughter), King Saryati gradually propitiated the sage buried underneath an ant-hill. Coming to know (from the drift of the sage's talk) of the tatter's mind, the king gave away (the hand of) his daughter to the sage. Saved from the scrape (thereby), he asked leave of the sage and returned to his capital more cautious than before. Having obtained the most irascible sage Cyavana for her husband, Princess Sukanya, who had come to know his mind, and was (very) careful (too), tried to please him with her services. After the lapse of some time hence, the two Aswinikumaras (the celestial physicians) called at his hermitage. Receiving them with respect, the sage submitted, "Capable as you are, (pray) bestow youth on me. I shall bear you both a cup of that juice, even though (I know) you are not entitled to a potation of the Soma juice coveted sacrifice. Be pleased (therefore) to make my age and exterior such as may women." Gladly accepting his prayer with the word "Amen" the two foremost s pooh created (of the gods) said to the Brahmana s~h body sage Cyavana) stricken with o"Plunged age and who was covered by the Siddhas." Cyavana, who Body was all over with (protuberant) veins, (nay) who was forbidding on account of his wrinkles and grey hair, was made to enter the pool by the twin Aswinikumaras, after they had these words. (Presently) there emerged (from the pool) three very lovely males of like appearance, captivating to women, adorned with wreaths of lotuses and ear-rings 6f gold) and finely dressed. Finding them possessed of similar forms and a lustre resembling that of the sun, and failing to recognize her husband, that virtuous lady (Sukanya) of charming limbs sought the two Aswins as her refuge (invoked their help in distinguishing her husband by standing apart).



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